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How to choose the best foundation color for medium skin? Neutral skin is the ideal state of skin care. Many people have put a lot of effort into maintaining the water-oil balance of the skin. If you have neutral skin, you should take good care of it to keep your skin healthy despite the effect of makeup on neutral skin.

Well, the liquid foundation you choose is also of high quality, and you should do a good job of skin care before putting on makeup. Neutral skin can choose a moisturizing and moisturizing liquid foundation. Neutral skin type is not dry or oily, and the skin condition is relatively healthy. It is suitable for most liquid foundations.

In addition to the texture of the liquid foundation, you should also choose the corresponding color number according to your skin tone: people with fair skin can choose ivory white. If you have a medium skin tone, you can choose a natural color. If your skin tone is yellowish or dark, you can choose a soft skin tone, etc.

Have you tried the best foundation color for medium skin?

The liquid foundation conceals blemishes and whitens, brightens the complexion, evens the skin, and makes the skin show a more transparent and flawless state. When we choose the liquid foundation, the makeup retention of the liquid foundation is also taken into consideration. Therefore, High Coverage Liquid Foundation, which has a perfect makeup effect all day long, is also welcomed by the majority of people.

After using it to apply makeup, the liquid foundation can be quickly applied to the face, and it will not easily shift and remove makeup. Even with makeup on for a long time, the skin can still breathe freely. Even in sweltering weather, the liquid foundation dissolves and there will be no dull or patchy problems.

After applying Color: P01 Cool Beige on your face, the liquid foundation can quickly adhere to the skin and has first-class waterproof, sweat, and scratch resistance. In the case of wearing makeup for a long time, facial makeup can also be kept dry and not mottled.

Together with makeup setting products, it can achieve 10-hour base makeup without oiliness and dullness. It is the best choice for those who pursue long-lasting makeup. If you prefer light makeup and do not require high coverage, this liquid foundation is not suitable.

For clarity, consider Supreme Nude Natural Flawless Hydrating Liquid Foundation. This liquid foundation does a very good job in terms of powder fineness and light makeup.

It restores the natural skin texture as much as possible while avoiding the problem of a thick mask as much as possible, and the concealment power reaches a medium-to-high level, and the modification effect of pores and general blemishes is very good. The fluidity and extensibility are also good, and the oil control effect is good. After applying it on the face, it will have a very natural luster under natural light.

Neutral skin is most suitable to use semi-moisturizing and semi-oil-controlling liquid foundation, and the color number can choose the letter O/B/N. Neutral skin can choose a moisturizing and moisturizing liquid foundation. The Color: B01 Natural Beige and Color: B10 Natural Beige are two different finishes that you can choose from dewy and matte.

After testing, its makeup effect can reach more than 8 hours, and its waterproof effect is also very good, so it is more suitable for girls who love oily skin. After applying it on the face in summer, it is more docile and has a stronger covering ability.

Neutral skin is the ideal and healthy skin state. Between dry skin and oily skin, the skin oil secretion is moderate, neither too dry nor too oily. Therefore, it is easier to choose a base makeup product. If you are looking for the best foundation color for medium skin, you can try the above two foundations.

Although the makeup effect is easy to maintain for neutral skin, you should do a good job of skin care before applying makeup. After cleansing, water, milk, cream, and complete skin care, massage the skin to make the skin absorb the nutrition of skin care products so that the base makeup can be more docile when making up.