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Are you looking for the best green eyeshadow palette that suits you the best? There are different types of green-styled eyeshadow, smoky green eyeshadow, yellow-green eyeshadow, pink-green eyeshadow, and so on. Do you know which type of green eyeshadow is suitable for you the best and how to wear the makeup? Today, we will offer you some tips.

The smoky green eyeshadow can make you look attractive on special occasions like a summer party or graduation prom. The mixture of black and dark green may remind people of the elegant and beautiful animal, the peacock. The dark skin color may match better with the eye makeup than the light skin.

The pink-green and yellow-green eyeshadow are particularly suitable for girls to wear in the summertime. The glittering eye makeup can often be seen on the face of K-pop idols, making you look refreshing and stunning. This type of green eyeshadow makeup is more suitable for girls with lighter skin colors.

How to use the best green eyeshadow palette?

After having good tools, you still need to master the techniques to make the makeup perfect. Especially for beginners, it is important to learn to put on makeup in the correct way so that you can save time. Makeup is just like painting. You need to practice again and again so that you can be better at it.

Then, where to find the best green eyeshadow palette for you? Here, we recommend a product from Perfect Diary to you if you prefer light-green eyeshadow makeup. Explorer Eyeshadow Palette Butterfly, this product is not doubted a wonderful choice.

It provides 14 colors that match the season of spring and summer well. You can carry the palette with you anywhere and it is convenient to re-apply makeup with the tool. You may check the feedback from customers, presenting the realistic comments and quality of the product. It is one of the most popular eyeshadow palettes in our store. Ok, now let’s start to wear the makeup step by step.


As you wear other types of your makeup, primer your eyelid first and get it fully prepared. Clean all the brushes you need to use for the eyes are fragile. Cleaning the brushes can reduce the risk of the eyes getting infected. Besides, using the primer can make you wear the green makeup more smoothly.

Apply the lightest green color eyeshadow to the upper and outer part of your eyelid and the area near your brow bone. Apply the darker green eyeshadow to the crease part of your eyelid and try to make the transition natural. If you want to look more attractive, you can apply another layer of darker green to the crease so that your eyes can look deeper.

Use the eyeliner to highlight the lines of your eyes. Draw the wing shape on the end of your eyes. It may be hard to use eyeliner for the first time. You can use the black or dark brown eyeshadow as a replacement which will be much easier to handle.

The last step is to decorate the eyeshadow makeup. You may have noticed that we do not apply eyeshadow to the middle area of the eyelid. We apply moderate olive green to the middle area. To make the makeup shinier, you can also apply glitter green eyeshadow to it.

Don’t forget to brush your eyelash with mascara. We do not recommend beginners glue eyelashes which is harder to control than mascara. Don’t close your eyes or the mascara may ruin your makeup. Wait for it to turn dried.

Wearing eyeshadow makeup is never an easy job even for the veteran. I have seen many friends give up wearing makeup because of its difficulty. You do not have to feel upset if you fail to wear good makeup. It is natural. Learning to wear makeup is a gradual process just like learning any other skill. You need to be patient and go through trials and errors.


Tips are shared in the article on how to wear green eyeshadow makeup and we have picked up a terrific product as a recommendation. If you are passionate about cosmetics but hesitant about starting. We encourage you to take the first step. You can look more confident with these tools.