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How to do eye shadow is the first sentence most people say when they see someone rocking beautiful eye makeup. You also want to learn that this article is the place to start. 

Eyeshadows are great but getting them done is more challenging than it may look. How to do eye shadow? Even if you are good at it, many factors will ruin the look after some time and can plague the entire makeup during a day you can’t even imagine letting this happen. This is why doing eyeshadow is incredibly important to learn. 

Here we have decided to give you all the tips, tricks, and everything in between to provide you with the best possible eyeshadow makeup look you can get. 

Flash Reminder: There is no one perfect way or standard way to do the eyeshadow as one can do it in any way they want unless it doesn’t make them look like the next joker for The Batman franchise. Eyeshadows are versatile, and one can get fun with them while experimenting. The below-mentioned way is not standard but will give you a great look, that’s for sure. 

Do Eye shadow the Best Way.

As said before, there is no right or best way but the best way is always the simplest and most effective way, just the like one written below. For that, you will need the following:

1. Eyeshadow brush (wide-domed)

2. Blending brush

3. Angled eyeliner brush

4. Slanted eyeliner brush 

5. One eyeshadow in your favorite color, one in a lighter color compared to your skin tone, and one darker.

6. Eyeprimer (or vasline)

1. Prep the Canvas: which means prime you’re under eyes. At this point, it is almost out of the question that this step can be ignored. Primer will make your skin better suited for eyeshadows and help them last longer. Out of eye primers? You can even use the good old petroleum jelly or vaseline. Make sure it is applied in a thin layer and appropriately blended. 

2. Applying a Base Shadow: Once your eyes are ready to accept the eyeshadow makeup, the next step is to apply the base shadow in a shade of your choosing. To apply it as smoothly as possible, use your eyeshadow brush to blend the product with most of the lids but not too much on the inner sides of the eyes. You can stop at the crease of your eye or extend up to your brow bones. It depends on how heavier a look you want. If you use liquid eyeshadow, skip the brush and use your fingers. We recommend checking out the Explorer Eyeshadow Palette 09 Cat for this look. Perfect Diary has released a great product that checks everything for a premium, long-lasting eyeshadow.  

Note: The next step is for those who want to add a dramatic look to their eyeshadow makeup. If you don’t want that, you can skip this one. 

3. Add depth: Pull out your rounded blending brush and apply a darker (preferably matte textured) eyeshadow on the outer sides of your eyes where the eye socket and eyelids junction is. Make sure your movements are very gentle and in half-moon strokes at the bone meets your crease until it is properly blended in the eyelids. This will artificially add a sense of depth to your eyes. Start with very little eyeshadow on your brush, and if you want an even more intense look, repeat the entire process for another coat. 

4. Create Highlights: Use your angeled blending brush to apply a lighter shade of eyeshadow on your browbones and the inner corners of your eyes. A matte textured eyeshadow is recommended for a more subtle and natural look. It will be very effective in giving your eyes a necessary glow if you have tried your eyes. 

Note: If you are doing makeup for a daytime look, your eye makeup is finished in step 4. If you want smokey eyes and an evening look, proceed to the final step.

5. Define the lash line: Wet your slanted eyeliner brush with clean water and pick some dark eyeshadow powder. Run the meeting while holding it firmly to make an excellent deposit of color on both the top and bottom lashlines. You can also go one step ahead by extending your lashline into eye wings, but that’s totally up to you to what you want the final look. We recommend using the High Definition Long Lasting Multi-Function Mascara to finish off the look and get the “smokey” version of you that will last all day long. 

This is our take on the question how to do eye shadow and we hope you have learned the most basic yet effective way to get the best look from your eyeshadow.