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Dark brown shimmer eyeshadow is a perfect product for you. Eyeshadow can give you a pair of beautiful eyes with different textures and colors, in which shimmer eyeshadow is the most special one. Because of its long-lasting and decorative features, you can apply it when you are traveling, working, on business, or at any other event. Thus, it will be good for you to learn more about shimmer eyeshadow and how to apply it. Let’s improve your makeup skills!

Tips on applying dark brown shimmer eyeshadow
Tip #1: Prepare eye makeup
Before having a shimmery color, please apply eye makeup primer first, which makes your eye makeup last the whole day. In case, the foundation is swept out after eyeshadow makeup, you can start the eye makeup before the routine, combined with micellar water.

Tip #2: Balance your lid
Balancing out the different shades in your eye makeup will make the whole colors on your eyes harmonically. If you plan to have a shimmer eyeshadow on your lid, turn to a matte eye shadow in your crease, or the makeup will be deemed dirty and messy. In addition, matte lip makeup will also be better.

Tip #3: Decorate your lashes
Who is the best friend for dark shimmer eyeshadow? Different mascaras! You will grab more attention with the combination of curly lashes and shimmery shades.

Tip #4: Have a try – liquid eyeshadow
If you want to have more fun with your eye makeup. You can’t miss liquid eyeshadow. Apply a bit of light shimmer eyeshadow on the center of the upper eyelid and the corner of your eyes. It can give your eyes shiny and attractive features.

How to apply dark brown shimmer eyeshadow?
1. Makeup tools preparation
Before applying the shimmer eyeshadow, please prepare the following makeup tools: the stiff flat brush, the soft or stiff dome brush, and the soft pencil brush. The first brush can be applied to draw eyeliner and eyeshadow on the lower eyelid; the second brush is applied to sweep the light or dark eyeshadow on your lids; the last brush can be used to correct and add details.

2. Draw eyeliner with eyeshadow
If you are not familiar with liquid eyeliner as a beginner, you can draw eyeliner with dark brown shimmer eyeshadow. Pick a bit of brown shimmer eyeshadow, shake it to remove the needless powder, and obliquely draw a line on the corner of the eye with a still flat brush. You can combine it with a pencil brush or q-tips to correct details.

3. Makeup for the upper eyelid
First, pick a bit of light color with the dome brush and sweep on the upper eyelid. You can apply some darker colors on your eyehole, to make a contrast, leading your eyes much bigger. Then, apply dark brown shimmer eyeshadow to the upper eyelid, as close as possible. Last, pick a little shiny eyeshadow with your fingertips on the middle of the upper eyelid. Here it is the shiny and daily eye makeup!

4. Makeup especially for lower eyelid
Beauties who have a single eyelid must try eyeshadow for your lower eyelid. It can widen your eyes and make them brighten. Pick a bit of dark eyeshadow and gently sweep it with a stiff flat brush along your lower eyelid. You can either draw a complete line on the lower eyelid or draw a half line from the outer corner of the eye to the middle.

Product recommendation
For newbies who want to learn more about dark brown shimmer eyeshadow, we would like to recommend the following product.
The first product is The Perfect Diary Explorer Eyeshadow Palette. The series is a collection of 14 different eyeshadow palettes, each of which contains 12 colors, inspired by animals. The dark brown shimmer eyeshadow in it is blendable and novel. Here, I strongly recommend 02 Tiger, 13 Fox, and 15 Leopard for you. Shades in these palettes are user-friendly. Different makeups can be based on them.

The second product is The Perfect Diary [Raw Gemstone] Master Origin Eyeshadow Palette. It contains subtle adjustments in color, saturation and brightness to match the color of the eyeshadow to your skin tone. Eyeshadow panels are suitable for all skin tones and scenes.