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  5. How to turn yourself into the most attractive party queen with Halloween face paint kit?

The Halloween face paint kit must be your best choice if you want to stand out at Halloween party. This makeup kit contains five products including eyeshadow, eyeliner, false lashes, lipstick, and foundation. Every product is made for Halloween so you can be the center of attention at your Halloween party.

The eye shadow palette in Halloween face paint kit has colors bolder, for example, the Explore Eyeshadow Red Fox. The powder of it is very delicate, with relatively complete colors and excellent coloring effect. Whether you want to look like a demon or an elf, this eyeshadow can your needs.

A colorful mascara has always been a best-seller, and contains many colors, including pink, blue-green, blue-violet, yellow-grey, and your eyelashes are not easy to look like “fly legs” after applying. Pink mascara looks cute, while teal and blue-purple mascaras are mysterious and perfect for dressing up as a demon or a witch in Halloween.

The eye makeup is very important, because eyes are windows to pass on information. Colored eyeliner will make our makeup livelier, if you want to be more eye-catching on Halloween, be sure to choose bright colors. Blue, pink and purple are good choices, and your eyes will look very layered with these colors.

Eyelashes are also essential in Halloween makeup. If you want to highlight the eyes in your makeup, you must choose good eyelashes. The eyelashes in Halloween face paint kit are very lightweight, and you won’t feel any burden on your eyes after wearing them. Eyelashes and eyeliner can create glowing eyes for you, and make you become the queen in the Halloween party.

This lipstick is pearly berry purple, which is very versatile and can be used for everyday life or Halloween. It can be smeared thickly on Halloween to create a feeling of nobility and fascination, even with a hint of evil, just like Snow White’s stepmother.

What style of makeup can you create with Halloween face paint kit?

Scar makeup

Scar makeup has always been a popular Halloween makeup look. If you are worried that you will fail to challenge difficult makeup looks, scar makeup is very suitable for beginners. There are some tips for scar makeup: choose a deep red lipstick to create wounds, and then use black eyeliner to describe the details of the wounds.

Split-mouth makeup

Don’t be afraid to try just because you think split mouth makeup is scary! This is one of the easiest makeup to create a Halloween style, and it is a “quick makeup” that everyone can learn.

Tips for split-mouth makeup:

1. cover the original lip color of your mouth with a bright red lipstick.

2. Use eyeliner to make a wound on the cheek, and then use lipstick to smudge the outline.

3. Use eyeliner to draw stitch marks on cheeks.

4. Darken the inside of your lips with a red lipstick.

Harley Quinn makeup

Harley Quinn’s makeup is an eye-catcher for girls who want to look perfect even on Halloween. Harley Quinn’s makeup is featured by double ponytails with red and blue, matte red lips, smokey makeup with red and blue, and a heart mark under the eyes. Exaggerated eyeliner and smudged eyeshadows are the keys to a good Harley Quinn makeup. You can use black eyeshadow to smudge the roots of the eyelashes under your eyes, and blue-red eyeshadow to smudge a large area on your eyelids.

Tips for Harley Quinn makeup:

1. Use a lip brush to create a bordered red lip.

2. Use liquid eyeliner to draw a heart mark under your eyes.

3. Exaggerated fan-shaped false eyelashes are indispensable to Harley Quinn makeup.

Vampire makeup

Most of the vampire images in film and television works are unsmiling and handsome, so it is not surprising that vampire makeup has become one of the popular Halloween makeup. What’s more, the vampire makeup is not very difficult, even a makeup novice can do it independently with Halloween face paint kit.

The trick to a vampire look is a pale face and scarlet lips, so choose a lighter shade of foundation and red lipstick. Also, a smoky makeup can be given to your eyes, which will be icing on the cake.