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The cute eye makeup looks make you attractive. What is the most popular eye makeup this year? I believe you who follow many beauty bloggers will have different answers. The classics last forever. Different eye makeup conveys different effects, but they have one thing in common–make up for the defects of your eyes and create charming eyes! Here I will show you two different eye makeup.

Two ways to apply cute eye makeup looks?

In old Hollywood movies, actresses are often seen with thick and natural long eyelashes, and the long eyelashes cast a shadow under the eyes when they drop their eyes, which is especially eye-catching. The well-known Hepburn is famous for her big, clear eyes like a fawn. Her eyelashes are also the envy of many girls, and they are curled and thick like a small fan.

Hepburn wore false eyelashes and brushed several layers of mascara to achieve the effect of thick eyelashes. If you also want to create such clear and charming eyes, you may wish to learn the deer makeup. Deer makeup is inspired by the deer and can be counted as one of the cute eye makeup looks.

The focus of the deer makeup is to highlight the smart eyes, the eyes are like water, and the surrounding is surrounded by dark colors, making the eyes look like a round grape. At the same time, weaken the feeling of eyebrows and lip makeup. The whole makeup except the eye makeup is relatively clear and light.

For the eyeshadow, you shall choose a contouring color close to the skin tone, and makes a large tile on the eye area. To deepen the upper eyelid with a small area of pearlescent brown, I tried the Perfect Diary Explorer Eyeshadow Palette Color: 07 Sika Deer. It looks really good. The cream color is very natural, and the pearlescent also adds a sense of vitality to the makeup.

The drawing of the eyeliner is very important. When melting, it is necessary to wrap the upper eyeliner and the color contact line that fills the root of the eyelashes. The eye position can be dragged out a little. Because the eyeliner has been drawn thicker

It is enough to clip the eyelashes a little here so as not to block the eyeball, and then use the eyelash brush to comb it a little. If your eyelashes are sparse, it is recommended to wear artificial eyelashes.

For the lower eyelid, choose a dark brown eyeshadow and modify it from the outside to the inside, about 2-3mm at the end of the eye. Use a flat-headed brush to pick up light brown, and draw an arc from the inside to the outside along the outer contour of the furrows, showing a downward trend as a whole. After painting, you should also smudge it vertically and downward, and then extend it back along the shape of the furrows.

Then use a thinner eyeliner brush to get a darker brown. Do a little deepening on the edge of the furrow. If you want them to be more obvious, you can brighten them with a matte highlighter, or simply use the color cream from Perfect Diary Explorer Eyeshadow Palette Color: 07 Sika Deer.

If you think the deer makeup is too natural, you can also consider peach eye makeup. This eye makeup is more matte and easy to learn. Just need Perfect Diary Explorer Eyeshadow Palette FOX or other similar eyeshadow palette and simple four steps.

First, use a large eyeshadow brush to apply light pink eyeshadow to the eye sockets.

Second, use an eyeliner brush to apply plum-colored eyeshadow to draw the second half of the eyeliner. Then, use the smudge brush to take peach pink to deepen the eye end.

Remember to do the smudge work. By the way, sweep the triangle area under the eyes and bring it slightly. Last, dip a bright pink dot on the center of the eyelid with the pulp of your finger, and then use an eyeliner brush to dip the gray-black eyeshadow to draw the first half of the eyeliner, so that the eye makeup is softer and gentler, and it can visually reduce swelling and enlarge the eyes.