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Felt Tip Eyeliner Colors are something one may always know when it comes to makeup for their eyes. Knowing the right colors for any occasion will get the most appropriate look one may be looking for, and this is precisely what we will talk about here and also explain the basics. 

What are Felt Tip Eyeliners?

Eyeliners come in different shapes and types. Commonly they are made as kajal, kohl, liquid, mechanical, eyeshadow, pencil, and gel eyeliners. They all have their application methods and specific pros, but they are not friendly to new hands doing eye makeup. Everyone loves control when it comes to eyeliners. This is why felt-tip eyeliners were born. Also called art liners resemble a typical felt tip marker that one may have seen in a stationary store. They are similar to brush eyeliners, except they have a “felt” tip.

What’s good about the Felt Tip Eyeliners

They feature a pointed tip instead of a brush tip which most of us are familiar with and are already widely used in eyeliners. But now, the pointed tip of eyeliners has gained a strong reputation since it can provide more grip while drawing on the lids. Being easy to control, the felt tip eyeliners are highly versatile and more suited for beginners just starting with eye makeup.

To add more, felt tip eyeliners are significantly easier to glide on the eyes and experience less resistance than ordinary ones. All this is done with higher precision and more control. This is why it is now quickly adopted by beauticians and general consumers for their eyes.

The felt tip eyeliners are more practical when making cat-eye effects and let you quickly make thick and thin eye lines. It is used perpendicular to make thin lines and horizontally for thicker lines. 

How many Felt Tip Eyeliners Colors are out there?

The felt tip eyeliners have revolutionized the entire eye makeup industry, but it is still not going to slow down. Now the companies also have introduced different colors suiting different types of makeup and events one wants to get ready for. These color options include red, orange, yellow, cyan, sky blue, navy blue, purple, pink, white, dark brown, maroon, and traditionally known black colors. This brings more fun to the typical cat-eye makeup for party looks.

Felt tip eyeliners are also anti-smudging and have a smooth texture. While featuring various colors, these eyeliners also feature a highly pigmented formula that can dry within a few seconds. Make sure to close your eyes or touch them directly after application. Just wait for a few seconds, and the eyeliner will be intact. Although liquid, these eyeliners are known to remain waterproof, which is excellent considering one is going to parties involving pools or heavy drinking. 

Which color to choose for felt tip eyeliner?

Our recommendations are based on results and research. And we can recommend to everyone the color according to their eye color. If you have brown colored eyes, go for green, purple, taupe, or grey colors of felt tip eyeliners which are all fantastic choices and look stunning. Gals with green eyes can opt for rust, burgundy, or any other warm options. These color options can also work well for black and brown eyes. If you are a westerner with blue eyes, then we suggest yellow, copper, dark brown, or even navy colors for your eyes. They look trendy and striking while uplifting the eye makeup.


Looking for reliable and long-lasting felt tip eyeliners? Look no further than the Slim Long-lasting Liquid Eyeliner from Perfect Diary. It retains almost five stars from its previous customers’ thanks to its improved formula, which nourishes the eyes. The application is super easy and precise, dries right away, and lasts longer than any other available in the competition.

The goodness is not only from the inside, but the packaging is also improved compared to other felt tip eyeliners. The company uses its own patented packaging, which keeps the eyeliner in optimal temperatures without harming the original texture and effectiveness of the ingredients.

How to use it? Simple, just lift your eyes with one of your hands. Then apply it from the root of the eyelashes to the middle and end of the eye until the eyeliner is completely connected. Please don’t close or blink your eyes and let them dry. The eyeliner will be dry within a few seconds and ready for the rest of the makeup. Most customers who bought these have mentioned in their reviews that it is a long-lasting and easy-to-use eyeliner with a controlled ink behind the tip. Hope you like our little intro about felt tip eyeliners and felt tip eyeliners colors.