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What does brow gel do? In this era of beauty, the choice of cosmetics is dazzling. Today, let me introduce you to eyebrow gel. There should be many girls who don’t know what eyebrow gel is.

One end is an eyebrow pencil, and the other end is a spiral eyebrow brush, such an brow gel pen is different from the traditional eyebrow pencil. The tip of the eyebrow gel pen is a solid gel-like texture. When smeared on the skin, the color rendering will be better than that of ordinary eyebrow pencils.

Therefore, this eyebrow gel pen is a gel-like texture that is integrated into the pen tip and becomes a solid gel-like tip. This gel-like tip has the ease of operation of eyebrow pencils and the color rendering of brow gel.

Eyebrow pencil, eyebrow powder, eyebrow dyeing cream, eyebrow raincoat, eyebrow cream… The product classification of brows is rich! Now, the beauty industry has started a new beauty product – eyebrow glue. Various big brands of eyebrow glue have launched one after another. So, what exactly is eyebrow glue?

What does brow gel do? Eyebrow gel is a new type of product for eyebrows. It is a gel-like texture, which can quickly highlight the brows, deepen the color, enhance the obedience of the brows, and help shape the eyebrows. Before using, be sure to wipe off the remaining colloid on the bottle mouth; do not use a parallel method, but stick to a 45° angle with the eyebrows.

Its usage is to paint on clean eyebrows, like a salve, then wait to dry, before it dries, you can use a cotton swab to modify the eyebrow shape, about 20 minutes – 2 hours or so to tear it off, then you can have something like ‘ Semi-permanent’ eyebrows too. Generally speaking, it can be kept for 1-3 days after applying enough time, and it will not hurt when you tear it off, and it is very gentle.

When choosing the eyebrow glue, if you want to lighten the eyebrow color, you should use a light coffee color. If you only want to set the color, you can choose a transparent eyebrow glue; a good eyebrow glue will not feel sticky, and the brush head has a short head The design of the long head is very easy to brush out different levels.

What does brow gel do after you shape your eyebrow?

Eyebrow gel is a gel-like texture that can quickly highlight the brow contour, deepen the color, enhance the brow docility, and help shape the three-dimensional brow shape.

First, use an eyebrow trimmer to trim the miscellaneous hairs around the eyebrows, and trim off the long eyebrows with beauty scissors. Then use the small brush of the eyebrow glue to take the eyebrow glue and gently fill in the brow shape. Be careful not to be too thick on the brows, and the end and middle of the brows can be thicker.

Wait for about five minutes after filling. This time can be used to paint eye makeup~ or do other things. If adjustments are needed, use a cotton swab to adjust them at this step. After the eyebrow glue is completely dry, you can gently tear it off. If you want to peel off a little more color, apply thicker at the beginning.

Finally, comb the eyebrows with a spiral brush and apply concealer to make the edges of the eyebrows cleaner and more neat.

Eyebrow gel is not harmful to the human body, but eyebrow gel can stay on the surface of the skin for a long time. It is recommended to stay for no more than three days to avoid the pigmentation of eyebrow gel.

But from a medical point of view, the eyebrow gel may be added with chemicals such as skin penetrants, which is not good for the health of the skin. Therefore, when choosing a product, you must choose a trustworthy brand with healthy and safe ingredients.

Be sure to choose a regular brand, because now the regular brand has a certain non-irritating feeling, so it will not cause damage to the skin, otherwise, once there is an allergic reaction in the eyebrows, it will also cause redness and swelling.