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Are you confused about mascara and brow set? Never heard about brow mascaras? If this is the case, you have landed in the right spot. This is where we unravel the tips and tricks for the best mascara and eyebrows looks you can get.

Eye makeup is as essential as the rest of the makeup. Unless you are not a rookie, you might already know that for only eyes, one may need a separate makeup bag to keep all the things you need to get the best look: undereye Concealers, artificial eyelashes, eyeliners, mascara, brushes, and whatnot. Gone are the days when mascaras were just used on the eyelashes, but now they also come in brow sets with eyeshadows and sometimes brow gels to add a more defined shape and wear time to your eyebrows. This is one of many beauty hacks you need to know to get the most out of our cosmetics and reduce the weight of your makeup kit. 

Other than the brow mascaras and brow gels, now one can also find buildable tinted formulas of these products, which can also add different shades to your eyebrows.

Why use Mascara on Brows after all? 

To use mascaras on your eyelashes, the mascara brow set usually comes in two variants; the first way is to use a brow mascara as a gel to keep the hair in place and stagnant so that it won’t move over time for several hours. The other way is to use it as regular mascara for filling and defining the eyebrows. This not only fills any patches and areas not covered by the hair at all. And also gives a 3D look to your eyebrows, which won’t be achieved with regular eyeliner or pencil, which most of us use.

There are two key methodologies when it comes to using mascara on eyebrows. The first involves using a clear brow mascara as a gel to hold the hairs in place, while the second sees using a regular lash mascara to fill in the brows for a reportedly more natural, 3-D look than that of pencil or powder.

When you have unruly eyebrows and want to thicken them, that is the time to consider using a brow mascara or mascara brow set. You can also add color and get a no-makeup look without overdoing anything. 

The Checklist of Mascara and Brow Set:

1. Choose a brow mascara that is very close to the natural hair color of your eyebrows.

2. Always choose a shade that naturally compliments your skin tone. Nobody wants to ignore that unless you want to be cast in the next Batman movie as the new Joker.

3. Your eyebrow gel should add shine and a solid hold for your eyebrows for several hours (at least eight hours). 

4. The product should have all the industry standard features, including sweat resistance, non-flaking, non-clumping, and humidity resistance.

5. Brow gels and lash mascara, which come in the mascara brow sets, can not be interchangeably used. These gels are just meant to be used for your eyebrows, but mascaras can be used on both. 

6. Your ideal mascara and brow set kit should come with a brow-defining pencil, brow setting gel, and mascara and brow highlighting pencil for arch-defining. If the highlighter comes in two shades of matte and shimmery, that is cheery.

Editors Tips: 

1. To get thicker volume, comb your eyebrows in the opposite direction with the brow gel or brow mascara from your brow makeup set.

2. Both offline and online market is full of standalone and in-set offerings of eyeliners and mascara, but finding a reliable one is challenging. This is why we want to make it simple for you. Try our recommendation of High Definition Long Lasting Multi-Function Mascara from Perfect Diary. Why? It has a long-lasting formula with precise application and an ultra-fine brush to approach every hair. 

3. For eyebrows, the Dual-ended Hexagonal Chiseled Eyebrow Pencil from the same brand has been giving excellent results for our makeup routines, and we can’t recommend more to you.