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What kinds of cute christmas eyeshadow looks will steal the spotlight at the Christmas Eve party? Christmas is the perfect time of the year to celebrate and show our glamour, and we should take this opportunity to think of more unusual makeup inspirations. So, keep scrolling down and we will provide you with more Christmas eye makeup possibilities.

Color & Sequins: Exaggerated Brilliance

Special decorations and exaggerated colors can make you very conspicuous in the crowd during this joyful holiday season. About your eye makeup, you can choose orange eye shadow, then draw a full orange brow bone line, the back part of the eye sockets and under the eyes are filled with childish hexagonal colored sequins. The whole look is vibrant.

Or you can apply a purple sequin brow eye makeup. Nude eyeshadow may seem flat, but that’s not the point, spread shimmering purple sequins all over your eyebrows for a unique and sparkling look.

The fairy-tale mermaid blue and purple eye makeup is also full of charm! The blue outwardly expanding eyeliner, topped with deep and light purple sequins, flowing like a mermaid’s tail shimmering in the night sky. Who can’t love such cute christmas eyeshadow makeup looks?

On this Christmas day, green, blue, white and other eye shadow colors that we usually rarely use can show their unique style. So, be bold with your colors, shimmering and colorful is the main theme of Christmas.

Art & Creativity: Paintings on The Eyes

For beauty masters who are very proficient in makeup techniques, they have more than amazing ideas and inspirations for cute eye makeup for Christmas. Have you ever wanted to paint on your eyes? A multi-color eyeshadow palette gives the makeup masters endless ideas for their eye makeup.

Perfect Diary’s Explorer Eyeshadow Palette is inspired by various animals such as foxes, butterflies, and moose, and the rich colors are a perfect eye palette. If you want to learn all kinds of artistic and creative eye makeup, it will provide you with the best tools to practice.

You can draw Christmas scenes on the eyes, white eyeshadow to outline the snowy scene, and other colors to draw Christmas trees, moose, and even Santa! It all depends on your painting skills, which is very difficult for makeup newcomers, but here we can learn a simple Christmas star makeup look, which is simple but still unique and cute.

This time we used Perfect Diary’s Puppy Eyeshadow Palette. Using a large eyeshadow brush, dip a #1 color into the upper eyelid and the front half of the lower eyelid in a large smudge, then use a medium eyeshadow brush to dip a #2 color inside the eyelid crease, with a slight weighting at the end of the eye. Next, use the eyeshadow brush to smudge back and forth, then use the medium brush to dip the No. 3 color to overlay on the eye position, and finally dab the # 4 glitter color with your fingertips on the head of the eye and the center of the upper eyelid to add some sparkle and shine to the entire eye makeup.

Then use a dark green eyeliner gel pencil to draw a thin eyeliner at the end of the eye, while drawing two stars of different sizes at the peak of the eyebrow, and then use a white eyeliner pencil to overlay a thinner eyeliner on top of the previous green eyeliner.

The last thing you use is white mascara, and then a white eyeliner pencil to draw a few rooted lower lashes on the lower eyelid. This way a lovely and charming Christmas star eye makeup is completed.

For the cute christmas eyeshadow makeup looks, you can give full play to your imagination to apply your favorite colors and elements to break the rigidity of your usual makeup and to create something more special. Also, remember to bring your gift and sparkly eye makeup at the same time, it’ll be an even bigger surprise for your family and friends!

In short, be bold and brave and apply your Christmas makeup, it’s the festive celebration and joy that the holiday season should be, and a respectful end-of-year gift to yourself for the rituals of the holiday season.