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How to make eyeshadow stay is one of the most common concerns of most people. If you are one of them, this article is for you. Where we answer everything, you need to learn to keep your eyeshadow stay all day long. 

Eyeshadows are one of the most loved and used cosmetics out there, but they are highly prone to get messed up. How to make eyeshadow stay? There are so many ways your beloved eyeshadow makeup can get messy and spoil the entire makeup. This is why knowing and fixing the things which directly or indirectly affect your eyeshadows is extremely important. 

Why Eeyshadows doest stay put?

Most people who started to use eyeshadows can tell from their experiences that they were only for a brief period. There are many reasons behind this, and we will go through them individually. 

1. Do Foiling: It ensures that you get an intense color payoff from the product and will help it last longer. The technique is simple; m mix a metallic powder pigment with a primer to give a better base for your eyeshadows, and you will see visibly better results that will last much longer than those without foiling.

2. A Good Primer: They are the first layer of cosmetics applied below everything and give the best possible canvas for your eyeshadow. If they are not of good quality, they can not only damage your sensitive skin area under the eyes but also will result in ruining your eyeshadows. Make sure to invest in a good primer

3. Use Cream Eyeshadows: Among all the types of eyeshadows, the creamy ones last longer. It doesn’t mean you should give your beloved color palettes of powdered eyeshadows; you can use it as a base for your powdered eyeshadows and will act as a foundation for them.

4. A Proper Brush: Your eyelids have small corners and complicated structures where large brushes can make a mess and will not enable them to stay put. An eyeshadow brush that is eyelid-sized must be used for the application. 

5. Setting Spray is your buddy: Do use it; it will make a difference and provide a result that will last all day. If you are wondering, that isn’t setting Spray for makeup. Then this is also makeup, and can join the party of setting sprays. 

6. Concealer also does the job: It will not only allow the eyeshadow to pop but also helps it stay on it for extended periods. If you are planning to invest in a concealer that will help your eyeshadow last longer, we recommend the Clear Cover 3-color Concealer Palette from Perfect Diary. It has shown excellent results in our testing and is crafted to give the best results when concealing and holding the eyeshadows.

7.H20: Yes, we are not joiking. Water can also help your eyeshadow last longer if you use it properly. Just apply one or two spray flicks of water on your eyeshadow brush. (don’t overdo it; otherwise, it will become a disaster). Earth’s favorite liquid will help your eyeshadow spread smoothly and last longer with an added vivid color. 

8. Waterproof Makeup!: Use all eye makeup other than eyeshadows made from a waterproof formula that can last all day, even in moist environments. This involves waterproof mascara and eyeliner, which is also resistant to water. This will ensure that you don’t get smudging and will last longer in a firm hold on the face. Looking for mascara that won’t disappoint you? Try our High Definition, Long Lasting Multi-Function Mascara recommendation from Perfect Diary. It is made from the finest materials, and we are pleased with the results. It’s waterproof, smudge-proof, and also holds firm against sweating.

9. Vaseline: This is one of our favorite ones. Just grab that bottle of vaseline which always remains under the cupboards or in a drawer doing nothing. Apply a very thin layer with your finger on the skin under your eyes. Make sure that it is blended and smoothened on the eyelids. Apply the eyeshadow you want to go with and see the difference. It will add more wearing time to your eye makeup/eyeshadows and provide a vibrant look that you will love. We do, for sure. This is How to make eyeshadow stay without spending like a pro.