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What’s more attractive than a long lasting shimmer lipstick? You will be surprised how come shiny lipstick has now taken over the fashion stage, but once you wear it, you will fall in love with it! Whether it’s eyeshadow, highlighter, or blush, you can’t wait for the sparkling one! But let’s not talk about these today, what we are going to talk about is lipstick with sparkle! Every girl has at least one shiny lipstick!

How to select a long lasting shimmer lipstick?

Whether the lip gloss looks good or not depends mainly on the effect of applying it on the mouth. In addition to choosing the right color, you must also choose the texture of the lip glaze. Maybe you will need fashionable and versatile lipstick that can be matched with different styles of makeup and clothing, which can enhance the temperament and enhance the overall atmosphere of the lipstick!

The products of Perfect Diary have been done with great care in terms of color, texture, and packaging. There is no cheap feeling at all when they are displayed just like that. Velvet, matte, and mirror, each series is very easy to use. For example, the recently launched Gilded High-shine Lip Gloss (Leopard Limited) is a good long lasting shimmer lipstick.

First of all, the lip liquid is light, moisturizing, and not heavy, the upper lip is not sticky, and the color is lasting and moister. Specially added light-sensitive refraction factor, delicate, smooth and shiny, making your lips fuller. The texture is a soft wax texture with a very high degree of adhesion, and it will not be watery and sticky like ordinary fluid lip glaze.

Secondly, after the lip glaze is applied to the lips, the lips feel very light, and the paste can closely adhere to the skin of the lips without delamination, line accumulation, and accumulation of lumps. This lipstick adds sophistication to your lip makeup. Using lip optimization technology, the color is fixed and durable, and it is not easy to smudge.

Once smudged, the color is very even, the film-forming speed is very fast after application, and the color of the lips is natural. The soft wax with strong luster makes the shine stable and long-lasting, and the dazzling lip makeup lasts all day. And when used at night, the layered and shimmery lip color is as charming as starlight.

What you can buy on the official website is Color: 216 Desire, which is a shining golden color, which is more in line with the aesthetics of modern young people. After a thin layer of street trendy temperament, it looks a bit warm orange.

It also has three other colors that will be launched soon, such as the gentle and pleasant milk brown, which combines the popular milk tea brown last year with the super popular mirror texture in spring and summer, and deepens the red tone a little bit. , not only retains elegance and intellectuality, but also is very versatile, and it improves the complexion very well!

The other two are reddish-brown, which is very feminine, and peach-colored TEMPTATION, which is plum-toned. No matter which one it is, it has the flavor of red-toned coffee, and the calm and capable aura is irresistible.

Regarding usage, it is also very simple to use. First, apply the lip balm to the lips and let it absorb for five minutes, then take out the lip glaze brush and apply the lower lip outward from the position inside the lip, then put the brush back into the tube to dip in the lipstick. Finally, apply the upper lip in the same way, use the tip of the brush to control the range, and use the smudge method to apply the shape of the lips.

See? How beautiful! The lipstick mentioned above also has great color coverage, with obvious color and glitter in one coat. Some girls who like to go to music festivals or have bold makeup can try it. Thick paint is more suitable for going to music festivals and disco dances because if there are too many layers of paint, it will be a bit too shiny. You can create a fall and winter atmosphere with Perfect Diary’s long lasting shimmer lipstick.