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Do you want to buy a sweet colour shine lipstick? Feel free to read this article! Lipstick is natural for good looks, be sure to choose the color that suits you. Use different lipstick colors in different seasons, apply bright orange lipstick in autumn and dark brown lipstick in winter to emphasize the three-dimensional effect of the lips.

The first and most important thing is the choice of color. The first step is to choose the color tone. There are too many shades of lipstick to list one by one, but we must have a general direction. Yellow skin is suitable for reddish and orange-tinged colors, of course, reddish-brown tones and orange-brown tones are all acceptable.

Picking a lipstick is difficult. If the color is wrong, it will make the makeup look inappropriate. The right lip color makes people beautiful and white, so it is very important to choose the right lip color! If your clothes are light-colored, I still recommend that you choose a lighter color lipstick, because the lipstick should not be bright than it is.

How to select a sweet colour shine lipstick?
The lip gloss is a long-lasting moisturizing lip gloss with a natural color that is suitable for everyday makeup. A non-fading lip gloss that will keep your lips moisturized all day long. The lipstick of Perfect Diary has stronger color saturation and a more perfect makeup effect. While applying makeup to the lips, can also ensure the moisturizing of the skin.

This Floating Light Lip Gloss (CRUSH Collection) silky-textured lip gloss adheres to the lips with a light application, leaving it silky smooth and long-lasting. Help you to create delicate and flawless lips, show charming lips and make girls more confident and beautiful. And the price is not expensive, and the long-lasting makeup looks plump and shiny lips.

If you want a natural makeup look for school or office, you can try the above Floating Light Lip Gloss (CRUSH Collection). It will add taste to your whole look effortlessly without giving you exaggerated performance. I’m sure you will fall in love with it like you have a crush.

Rouge Intense Velvet Slim Lipstick subverts the traditional way of application with a stunning innovation. The simple act of applying makeup that every woman is familiar with becomes a source of joy. Perfect Diary has created an avant-garde Haute couture-style matte-essential color collection to showcase the contemporary young fashion generation’s fashion concept of enjoying life to the fullest, free and bold, and boldly express themselves.

The texture is velvet-like, durable, and not drying, such a sweet colour shine lipstick! The recommended color is L02 Rosy Lambskin, a very versatile color, and the more popular ones are L11 Cinnamon Milktea, L12 Creamy Orange, and so on. This lipstick comes in up to 15 different stunning colors for you to choose from! All of them look great on lips and give long-lasting performance.

The popular color of lipstick is different every year. When it comes to berry color, many girls may not dare to try this color, but this lipstick color is super beautiful! It is not only suitable for smearing the lips, making the lips look full, but also can give a biting lip effect, which is similar to purple but with a deep rose red feeling. Winter makeup should be clear and sharp, and dark brown lipstick can be used to emphasize the three-dimensional effect of the lips.

In addition to the choice of color, the state of the lips has a great influence on the color and texture of the lipstick. For example, if the lipstick itself is matte, it is easy to get dry lines if the lips are very dry, which is very unsightly. If the mouth is very moisturizing, no matter what texture of lipstick can hold it, the habit of applying lip balm regularly is as important as applying hand cream.

Lipsticks have their popular colors every year, but they are almost the same, and when it comes to the most popular ones, there are still a few classic colors. Although 2022 has passed, and it has entered the early autumn season before you know it, the lipsticks that were super popular last year are still enduring and very popular with everyone. Come and buy a new lipstick!