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We have always wanted to have a set of mini travel makeup brushes. Although ordinary makeup brushes are easy to use, it is too inconvenient to take them out. You may have searched for a long time in the store and online, but have not found a satisfactory portable model. Either it is not practical, or it has an inferior texture. It doesn’t matter, let’s see how to buy it!

The most important part of the brush is naturally the bristles, you can choose a brush with better bristles. The bristles are neat, thick and smooth, and very fluffy. For example, one is 10 and 12 animal hairs, which are more expensive. Fiber hair has advantages of fiber hair.

Compared with animal hair, fiber hair is better to take care of and more durable to use. It can be used, stored, and cleaned at will. It does not need to be as particular and careful as animal hair. Animal hair is very It is fragile and can be easily damaged if not cared for carefully.

Since it is a mini portable brush, you can choose a whole set of products in a palm-sized size, followed by a large eye shadow brush, a small eyeshadow brush, a lip brush (which can also be used to draw eyeliner), a concealer brush, and an eye end smudge brush, angled eyebrow brush, blush brush, these more common brushes are very practical brushes, which can fully meet the daily makeup.

The basic foundation brushes often recommended by fashion bloggers are mostly flame-headed. Although nylon or man-made fiber foundation brushes are cheaper than animal hair, their practicality is definitely not low, and they are very suitable as daily brushes. And these 7 brushes are enough to take out. One set is only the size of a palm, so it doesn’t take up any space in any corner of the bag.

Many people think that lip brushes are useless, but in fact, since you use lip brushes, you will really find a brand new self! Sexy lips actually rely on the lip brush to outline the outline first. Some lipsticks with beautiful colors and layers, such as the lipstick of the Perfect Diary, are also very suitable for makeup with a lip brush.

Makeup should be done every day, and choosing the right makeup brush is naturally the first step in delicate makeup. In addition to mini travel makeup brushes, consider some dual-ended brushes, which can reduce the number of brushes and travel lightly.

If you need to use various makeup tools on a business trip, it is recommended to use disposable gloves to hold makeup brushes, etc., but the makeup brushes into the appropriate corresponding lengths according to the length, and finally roll them up and put them in the makeup bag.

What can makeup brushes do?

Mini travel makeup brushes are really not limited to certain usage, so buy makeup brushes according to your own needs. For example, the eyebrow brush, I personally prefer to use the slanted eyebrow brush. This shape of the eyebrow brush is more suitable for the direction of the brow bone. It can not only draw eyebrows, but it is also very convenient to use to draw silkworms and eyeliner.

Using an eyebrow brush with brown eyeshadow, the painting is super smooth, it is really a one-stroke shape. The flame-shaped blending brush is not just for blending eye makeup, it is really perfect for nose shadows and highlights.

The slope-shaped contouring brush can not only be used to modify facial contours such as cheekbones and jaw corners but also can be used to apply blush, which is really convenient. The oblique brush is very suitable for the contours of the face, and the brush is swept along the cheekbones, which has the effect of trimming and thinning the face.

If your budget is limited, you prefer light and natural makeup, and you don’t pursue heavy makeup, then it is enough to bring these three makeup brushes when you travel.

Makeup brushes can be brought on the plane because they are not dangerous goods, so they meet the regulations. You can put your makeup brush in your backpack when you board the plane, or you can put it in your makeup bag and take it with you on the plane.