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Struggling with the eyeshadow makeup for yellow dress? Back-to-school season is coming, have you picked your prom dress yet? Maybe your dress will be a little yellow dress! Or are you wearing yellow for your cousin’s wedding and having trouble understanding how to wear makeup?

The base makeup for a yellow dress should be natural and pastel. Don’t try to go beyond the color of your clothes. It will end in a sparkling, brilliant disaster. Since yellow is a warm color, you want a light, airy look. To look flawless, start with your best friend – concealer. Covering up your flaws is the first thing you should do.

The combination of clothing, makeup, and hairstyle with the scene will form a relatively consistent state. It must be a very eye-catching thing to make your image look more outstanding. For everyone, the first consideration is the matching of clothing, but the makeup is ignored.

Yellow clothes and yellow eye makeup are the best matches, but how to draw yellow eye makeup well is a skill! You must know that the yellow eye shadow is not good, and you will become Cleopatra if you are not careful! Today I will show you how to apply yellow and orange eye makeup, which doesn’t look abrupt at all and is very natural and soft. It is perfect with a yellow rainbow vest!

Why not use the yellow eyeshadow makeup for yellow dress?

Still, using dull earth tones? Of course, the focus of summer makeup is to be light and bright! Don’t worry about it being too exaggerated, if you don’t try it, you don’t know how refreshing eye makeup can be. The yellow eye shadow that you would never think of at ordinary times has become a must-have color this year. Let’s see how to use it so that it will not be strange and look good!

Yellow is as warm and vibrant as the sun, and it is a must-have warm color for spring and summer. Many female artists have a soft spot for small yellow skirts, which are so beautiful to wear. For eyeshadow makeup for yellow dress, first, take a matte yellow eye shadow, apply it on the entire upper eyelid, and bring it over the bottom of the eye as a base for the eyelid. Then take a gray-yellow eye shadow and apply it to the end of the eye, paying attention to smudge it.

Then take a polarized gray-brown eyeshadow and apply it to the first half of the upper eyelid. Note that it is better to apply a small amount of time. Next, take a sequined eye shadow and apply it to the eye and the lying silkworm part to brighten the eye area. Finally, take a black eyeliner and draw a naturally extended eyeliner, then curl the upper and lower eyelashes, and apply mascara.

The makeup colors on the T-stage in spring and summer this year are simple and direct, just spread the color blocks. We can use those grass green and sky blue. According to the method mentioned above, your face will be very different. The colors blend to give a bright and lively feeling full of novelty.

Yellow is a warm color, so it is generally used with darker or cooler eyeshadow in brown, but it also depends on the application. If you think yellow and yellow are more immature, consider using dark colors. But calm brown or dark gold and silver are all-match. It is recommended that you use silver, not too dazzling, it is the kind of silver-gray, which is very natural and will not conflict with yellow.

Use a large eyeshadow brush to take a matte brown eyeshadow and swipe lightly on the upper and lower lids as a primer. Take a slightly darker eyeshadow and layer over the upper and lower lids. Use a light eyeshadow with pearlescent light to add to the crease of the double eyelid and the position of the silkworm to brighten the eyes.

Then use a small eye shadow brush to take brownish yellow or brown eye shadow, swipe at the end of the eye and the end of the lower eyelid, and sweep out along the extension line of the upper eyeliner to deepen the depth of the eyes.