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Looking for the best foundation color for cool undertones? If yes, then you have landed on the right page. Here we will guide you on how to filter the best from the plethora of foundations. Make sure to read till the end of this page to educate yourself before investing in your next foundation. 

Foundations come in a variety, just like our natural skin tones and undertones. Things get even more complicated when we bring the skin type into the equation. Choosing the right one affects not only the results of the entire makeup but also the wearing times. Undertones, in this regard, are also significant; selecting the right one will significantly affect the final looks. Women with a complexion with fair skin have cooler undertones, but darker skin tones can also have cool undertones.

Speaking of undertones, we are considering that you are already aware of their basic concepts and how to find your undertone. If you still don’t know your undertone, read the previous blog posts where we explained how to find your skin undertone correctly. It must be one of the three: cool, warm, or neutral undertones. Blue veins on the inner wrist indicate that you’re a cool tone. Once that part is done, the next step is to identify the most suitable foundation your face needs according to your natural undertone. Let’s get into that. 

Foundations for Cool Undertones

This relates to the basic colour wheel one needs to see to understand how foundations are selected based on the undertone spectrum. If you are on the cooler side, the most suitable ones, according to this colour wheel, can be the ones with cocoa, rose, sable, porcelain, pink, red, or blue base shades.

But this is not a simple answer. Your selection of foundation also depends on the skin type you have. Ensure it matches the oil levels your skin secretes to avoid skin issues. Another thing to consider when getting the foundation for your cool undertones skis is to check the bendability of the foundation. The good ones can disappear in the skin and stay invisible rather than being a cakey layer. 

The best foundation disappears into the skin. Foundation isn’t meant to be seen; instead, it should create a clean canvas for your makeup look. You can use your jawline as a testing space to find which shade of foundation matches best. Before investing in a new foundation, ensure it has a buildable, medium coverage and a luminous, glowy-skin finish to get the most natural look. The ideal foundation for your cool undertones skin must be weightless and with a long-wear formula. We also recommend always going for a foundation, an ultra-hydrating blend that will give your cool undertone skin a nice coverage and have hydrating and nourishing effects. 

What if I use any Foundation?

If you happen to have a cool undertone and you are going to use the ones which are designed for warm or neutral skin undertones, you will look yellow-tinted. When you are on the warm side and using cool undertones, foundations will result in pale and icy looks. To find the best accurate results, we recommend colour striping to check all the foundations in your kit. Or you can also go with the traditional way of checking the undertones: the veins’ colours. 

Our Recommendations: No matter your skin type, the brand is essential when choosing the proper foundation for your skin. We recommend trying our lab-tested High Coverage Liquid Foundation from Perfect Diary. Available in seven different shades, this foundation has all the good things going for it. Long-lasting coverage with a radiant finish and nourishing formula at a price that beats the best brands out there. We understand that you are on a quest to find the best foundation color for cool undertones and we recommend trying this one if it matches your skin type. If liquid ones are not to your taste, check out the Renewal Flawless Cushion Foundation from the same brand with smart lock technology for prolonged wearing.