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Do you have a problem with extremely light lip and cheek color? I have a pale face and lips. When I don’t wear makeup, friends around me may ask about my physical condition. I know I am good but I do not look like that. Later I found out that using cosmetics to change the colors of lips and cheeks is very useful. If you have the same problem as me, you can’t miss the article.

Tips on selecting lip and cheek color

How to choose lipstick color

We all know the magic of lipstick but purchasing the product right for you is not that easy. You need to take these factors into account: the finish of the product, price, quality, etc. You also need to understand your lips. Are they easy to dry? Do you have peeling lips? Just like other parts of our bodies, lips also need to be cared for.

Some low-quality lipsticks can worsen peeling and even lead to bleeding of your lips while some are too oily and they will make the makeup look dirty and greasy. Thus, you need to choose the right lipstick based on your lips’ condition. As for the color, your skin tone is an important factor affecting your choice. Besides, the lip shape, eye color, hair color, and teeth shape can all influence your choice.

You may feel a bit tricky to find the right lipstick shade. The simplest way is to go to an offline cosmetic shop and try the cosmetic samples. The shop assistant will do you a favor. However, which lipstick you wear is not fixed. One lipstick cannot fit all makeup styles.

How to pick a color for your cheeks’ blush

Blush is a great tool for enhancing your pink outfit appearance. But the improper blush shade could give you a slightly rustic appearance. You must, nevertheless, fully comprehend your skin tone. The light-pink blush won’t work well if your skin has a tendency to be yellow. Light-skinned individuals always look good in the delicate pink color.

The dark peach hue is suggested if you have a warm skin tone. Instead of highlighting your skin’s flaws, the tone might make the blush appear natural. Warm brown or deep orange are options for those with brown or tanned complexion tones. These are the fundamental laws.

Lipstick wearing tips

If you have relatively thick lips, you can pat the matte lipstick to your lips gently along the lip line. Then, use one finger to pat the pigments out evenly on your lips. You can also use your finger to wipe out the lipstick that spreads out of your lip line. Then, natural lipstick makeup is done. This method suits people who don’t have much time to wear makeup in the morning.

To make the lip makeup more delicate, you can buy a lip brush to better control the pigment. Dip some lipstick and paint the color on your lips from the corner to the middle area and from the inside outward.

If your lips are pale, you can apply more than one layer to enhance the color. Still, along the lip line, use the brush to fill in the color. It is just like painting. With the help of the brush, the lip makeup will be more exquisite than that done with the finger.

Blush wearing tips

Find the right area to apply the blush. Most beginners may think that blush should be applied to the rising cheeks when they smile. This is a mistake because when you do not smile, the blush will be on an unnatural area instead of your cheek, so avoid smiling when applying blush. The right area is right over the cheekbone.

Simply applying the blush is not enough. Only good base makeup can present perfect blush. Use blush instead of fingers. It is hard to wipe out blush with fingers. You can pad a bit of blush on your nose tip so that the blush looks more natural.

In a nutshell

We have introduced how to choose the lip and cheek color and share some tips on wearing lipstick and blush. If you want to buy reliable products, you can visit our official websites. Hope you have a pleasant shopping.