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Dark brown lip liner is one of the new makeup trends that is currently on the rise. Even though dark brown has been a popular color for some time, it has become more and more prevalent in recent years as many popular celebrities have been seen wearing it. With celebrities setting the tone for much of fashion, this trend is likely to remain significant for now. The beauty of this lip liner color is that it can be used in almost any makeup look and will always complement your skin tone or hair color.

How to apply dark brown lip liner

Step 1: When applying lip liner, make sure to use a mirror and be careful that you don’t apply too much. This can easily happen if you are not careful. The trick is to just touch the inside of your lips with it and only fill in where needed.

Step 2: You can then either close your mouth and draw a circle around it or leave it open while moving your pencil in a small circular motion as you fill in any other areas that need work. Once all areas have been filled in, you should let the lip liner set on your lips for at least 30 seconds before proceeding to the next steps.

Step 3: You can then apply some lipstick over top of this to give it more depth or use a darker shade of lipstick if you prefer. Lip liner is a great way to make your lips look fuller and sexier, especially when paired with a smokey eye look. It also works great under lighter shades of lipstick, giving it another dimension and making it truly pop.

Benefits of dark brown lip liner

1. Great for creating a dramatic look

This lip liner can help you create a dramatic look by adding definition to your lips and making them pop. It helps to give the illusion that your lips are fuller, especially when paired with nice, dark eye shadow and a slightly darker shade of lipstick.

2. Looks great on all skin tones

The beauty of this lip liner is that it looks great on almost all skin tones. You can easily use it as a simple way to create a dramatic look without being overly dramatic. Many people don’t want to wear dark colors, but you can use this color in little amounts to give yourself definition without necessarily appearing too dark or daring.

3. Looks very natural

Dark lip liners that are too dark will often look fake and unnatural. This lip liner is a beautiful brown color that looks great when paired with an all-brown eye look or even a pink or red lipstick. Dark brown looks natural, especially when you apply it with care so you don’t overdo it. When using this color, make sure to remember to only fill your lips in just enough so they have definition without looking overdone.


1. Too dark for some people

One downside of this lip liner is that it may be too dark for some people. If you are looking for a lip liner that is close to your natural lip color and works well with your skin tone, you may want to consider the other colors. The brown lip liner is not the most obvious choice if you are trying to create a natural look. While it can come in handy in some darker makeup looks, it will often distract from them and give your lips too much definition.

2. Lip pencils can be harsh

Lip pencils are an ink form of this lip liner. You can find them a variety of places, but we recommend checking out Amazon where they are super cheap and always very high quality. The pencils that they use are softer than those that you might find at your local beauty supply store. This is a good thing, but it also means that these lip liners may not feel as good when applied on your lips. This is why we recommend using a light hand when using it and trying to only fill in the areas where you need it.

In conclusion, lip liner is a great option to have in your makeup toolkit. You don’t have to go out and get a huge, expensive lipstick just to use this color. It can be used for more casual makeup looks and even for more dramatic looks as well. If you want something that can give you some definition without looking overdone, then dark brown is the way to go!