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You can see a color palette with pink tones on a girl’s dresser. Eye makeup means a lot to us. I believe that most girls who love beauty will pay attention to several beauty bloggers. Every time they see their beautiful eyeshadow palettes, they also want to buy one that is not suitable for them.

Many people think that eyeshadow color just needs to choose a color they like. There are also matching rules for eyeshadow! Natural, fresh eye makeup does look radiant. The choice of eye shadow should be based on the skin tone of the makeup artist, the style of clothing, and the occasion to be attended.

Light pink is a soft light red eyeshadow, which can emphasize the bright, clean, and lovely eyes. For example, using rouge as eyeshadow can make the overall tone of the face harmonious and unified. Use a combination of shaded and bright colors to emphasize the structure of the eyes. Your eyes will looks more attractive by doing so.

Shade the areas where you want to be sunken, and brighten the areas where you want to stand out. The combination of these two different colors can be used in the same color system. If dark brown is used as a shadow color, it can be used as a bright color, or a strong vegetable color can be used as a shadow color and light pink as a bright color.

You can also use adjacent colors to match, such as darker blue-purple shades, and light roses for bright colors. Any colors can be tried on your hands first then on the eyes. As the color will need to match your skin tone, or else your makeup may look dirty.

Try a color palette with pink tones in winter?

If you are looking for a new color palette with pink colors, try this one! Star Dust Eyeshadow Palette This is a nine-color warm-toned eyeshadow palette. The colors are not tasteless and more practical. There are matte, pearlescent, and polarized colors. It can be well combined to draw a complete eye makeup.

The whole is a girly and intellectual pink-brown tone, and the powder is relatively delicate. The few sequins in the bottom row have a soft and waxy feel, and the effect of the painting is light and super beautiful. It is a warm eye shadow that is very suitable for the autumn and winter seasons.

A very beautiful eyeshadow palette that makes people fall in love at first sight and can’t help but want to have it. The ingredients are mild and will not irritate the eye area. The texture is moist and soft, and it fits the eye area after application.

It has a bright and full-color expression, the color is more natural and soft, perfectly interprets the fashion eye makeup without puffiness and exaggeration, and maintains the attractive color of the eye skin. Many fans say that this eye shadow has good ductility behind the eyes, and the color can be smudged very quickly.

The color palette with pink tones is popular among girls and women. To make the eye shadow look charming, you can use peach, red-purple, and purple eyeshadow to apply eye makeup. First, apply peach under the eyebrows, then apply red-purple to the inner corner of the upper eyelid, and the remaining outer corner of the eye.

The peach-colored eyeshadow is pink, which is pink and tender. It is mainly composed of various shades of pink. The overall tone is relatively clean and fresh. The soft pink is full of youthful vitality like a younger lady. You can try this if you want to create a refreshed, young look.

The pink tone lingering around the eyes can create sweet and playful eye makeup, which is perfect for makeup on a date. Fresh and elegant lip makeup, also has the effect of reducing age.

The color richness of eyeshadow is no less than that of lipstick, so the choice of color system is the top priority! When choosing eye shadow colors, you should pay attention to the corresponding color matching. First, you should understand the basic colors of the above eye shadows, and then combine your skin color to create eye makeup.