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Applying gloss over matte lipstick is a very practical trick that will give you a shiny, dewy, and long-lasting lip look. When it comes to matte lipsticks, the first reaction of many beauty lovers is that it is very dry. Indeed, if you buy matte lipstick that is not moist enough, it will feel very dry when you apply it. And lip lines will easily show up, and your lips will look wrinkled. Don’t worry, we can skillfully use the combination of lip gloss and lipstick to solve this problem.

5 steps of applying lip gloss over matte lipstick

Before jumping straight into our step-by-step tutorial, we want you to know that you don’t really need a variety of different fancy products, like a lip scrub or a lip liner, to make your matte lipstick glossy. Instead, all you need to do is a few simple steps using only a lip gloss and a matte lipstick.

Step 1: Apply a thick sheer lip gloss on the lips. You can repeat the application many times until you feel it is thick enough. Then let the lip gloss stay on your lips for 8-10 minutes. The purpose of doing this is to allow the lip gloss to fully soften and moisturize the skin of our lips.

Step 2: Gently wipe off the lip gloss and softened dead skin with a cotton pad. At this point, you will find your lips become very smooth and moisturized, and the lip lines are lightened.

Step 3: Apply the sheer lip gloss once again. But this time, just apply a thin layer.

Step 4: Apply the matte lipstick. Because the sheer lip gloss is colorless and transparent, it will not prevent you from layering any color lipstick on top of it, and there will be no color mixing.

Step 5: Apply the lip gloss over matte lipstick. This is done to make your lips look shinier and dewier. But then you won’t have a matte effect.

Tips on applying lip gloss over matte lipstick

Apart from the basic combination of sheer lip gloss and matte lipstick, you can also be bolder to layer your lip makeup to custom the color match and create a brand-new lipstick shade. Here are some tips.

  • About color matching:

It is recommended to use a light color as the base color and apply a dark color on the inside of the lips for a great gradient lip effect. Choosing a color that is similar to the overlay will make it easier for the gradient to appear. In addition, darker matte lipsticks can be highlighted by adding a soft red or orange color, which will make the color more saturated and better looking. In fact, many colors can be layered with orange lipsticks, such as rose and beige will produce a very nice berry color.

  • On how to apply:

Apply a moisturizing lip gloss first, then press the lips with a tissue and layer the second color of matte lipstick. This will prevent the second color from mixing with the first color. Then the last step is to put the lip gloss over matte lipstick again to make a shiny unique shade.

We often see girls holding matte lipstick and applying it on their lips horizontally. You must know that the lip lines are vertical, so rubbing them horizontally will only deepen the lip lines, and no wonder they will be dry and peeling. The correct approach is to “dot” the lipstick on the lips, a small amount is enough. Then spread and smudge it evenly with your fingers, so that the lip lines can be lightened, and a more daily lip makeup effect can be obtained.

  • On how to remove lip makeup:

Matte lipstick makeup removal is kind of tricky, people who have used eye and lip makeup remover or makeup remover oil know that the effect is not as good as it should be, especially after putting lip gloss over matte lipstick. Our advice is that you may want to apply a thicker texture of unscented cream, and then use a makeup remover cotton to gently wipe away the line, which is not only simple and easy but also can moisturize the lips.