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I believe we all have been looking for the best matte blush palette. Some of you may already have what you need. Some still do not know how to choose between matte or pearl blush. Today, I will give you more information on this topic!

A matte blush that gives skin a soft, misty effect, making skin look more refined and delicately contouring the face. For light mature women who want to look good, matte blush is recommended. Matte blush does not have any glitter, but it can also give people a color.

Matte blush is more suitable for people with oily skin, it can reduce the shine, and the makeup looks more textured, but it is not suitable for people with dry skin, especially the powdery blush with a matte texture, this type of blush If red is used on dry skin, it is prone to sticking powder or peeling, exposing skin problems, and the makeup will be greatly reduced.

Pearl blush is a good friend for dull complexion, which has a high reflectivity to light, which can improve the gloss of the skin. The bright and gorgeous texture highlights youthful vitality. It is recommended for sweet young girls to choose pearl blush.

The pearl blush contains glitters, which can reflect light under the refraction of the light source and look shiny. The pearl blush is also very glossy after application, which can brighten the whole face. But pearl blush is not suitable for people who love oil, because if it is oily, the face will be shiny, and pearl blush will only make this shininess more obvious. For dry skin, using pearl blush will make the skin look more hydrated and can also correct some skin problems.

However, pearlescent ones are still relatively common, which can make the skin look shiny, but it is best to choose the one that suits you. If your day-to-day style leans towards a soft, cute look, opt for a pearl blush.

What makes the best matte blush palette
In enhancing the complexion, blush can be said to be indispensable, especially in saving pale and colorless cheeks. If you choose the right blush, a rosy complexion can appear from the inside of the skin. The matte gloss is extremely low, close to the level of no gloss, giving a matte visual effect. After applying it, the makeup will feel very soft, and suitable for use when painting nude makeup. For oily skin, this is simply a bonus artifact.

Matte blush generally has high color saturation and high color rendering. A dark matte blush will also produce a visual shrinkage effect, which is suitable for people with plump and wide faces. Compared with blushes with strong gloss, matte blushes are low-key and deep, which can also help enhance the high-level sense of makeup.

Oil-absorbing ingredients are added to most powders, which can help oily skin absorb excess oil, greatly improve the problem of oily powder and makeup removal, and most powdery blushes have a natural matte finish. The state, of oily skin, is very clear. And if you use cream blush or liquid blush, it will increase the greasy feeling and even make the makeup look dirty.

Apricot is a relatively soft color. It can help neutralize yellowish skin tones, make the overall makeup look transparent and natural, and coordinate. It can also help modify the contours of facial skin. However, the yellowish skin tone also has its own taboo colors. Don’t choose too red and bright colors, it will increase the yellowish skin’s sallow feeling, and it will look dirty.

If you have a darker skin tone, you can choose a golden brown or burgundy blush with pearlescent light. These two colors can be said to be relatively dull colors, not only will not destroy the original healthy skin tone, but also neutralize and reduce this dull feeling. And with a little pearlescent can enhance the gloss of the skin, and even modify the three-dimensional contour.

What’s your best matte blush palette? I believe you all have different answers. The 3-in-1 Sculpting Palette’s embossed three-piece design comes in three colors in each box, making it easier to create a variety of makeup looks. Smooth and light powder, the color is more uniform, throw away the flat colorless face, you can easily brush out the natural good complexion, and the whole person looks more energetic!