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Looking for a pretty basic makeup palette? As an office lady, do you spend a lot of time on makeup every day? I don’t want to get up every day, let alone get up an hour early to put on makeup, but I’m embarrassed to see people without makeup. Do you have any tips for quick makeup? As long as you choose the right product, you can get your work makeup done in ten minutes!

Maybe you are a minimalist like me. As a minimalist girl, I will narrow down my budget on makeup cosmetics, and try to buy only one useful thing, such as highlighting and contouring products. The second is to buy a suitable product for my own.

When I first started learning makeup, I bought a lot of eyeshadow palettes. The price of 20-60 is very cheap, and I have to buy several sets almost every month. But it’s not simple. First, the number of shades is very unfriendly to a beginner like me, and secondly, the powder quality is average. I will not use it three or five times.

Not everyone needs an extra or multiple-color makeup palette. You may want a pretty basic makeup palette as well. This need can be met if you look into the market. There are many girls like us that have such needs, they may don’t want to waste money on cosmetics, they may prefer 2-3 colors of eyeshadow, the reason may be various.

How to select your pretty basic makeup palette?

If you want to create a natural and comfortable simple makeup look, then you also need to re-examine your existing makeup palette. Try to use up your makeup tray before buying a new one.

If you are green, the simpler the cosmetics you buy at the beginning, the better, because there are too many too complicated ones, and you may not be able to use them very well. Start with simple basics first, and it is best to pursue light makeup at the beginning because you will never go wrong.

For example, you can keep only one eyeshadow palette. No need to buy a lot if you are not a vlogger or makeup artist. Minimalists like me only have a pretty basic makeup palette from Perfect Diary. The [Raw Gemstone] Master Origin Eyeshadow Palette can meet all my eyeshadow needs.

This palette is inspired by the fancy natural color of natural gemstones. Through fine adjustment of hue, saturation, and brightness, makes eyeshadow match the color of your facial skin, once you wear it, you look like you are not wearing it. This is a very natural performance that I pursue! Boys never know I wear makeup when we are out on a date. The Master Origin Eyeshadow Palette delivers a natural finish quickly and looks very refreshed on my skin tone. I think it will look great on any skin tone.

Although I’m not fond of playing extracted color, this does not mean I don’t like long-wear eyeshadow. The Amino acid wrapping technology allows the eyeshadow powder ultra-fine, silky, and easy to blend. I used to wear it to Disney and it lasts almost a day. You can never ask too much at this price point but I’m amazed at the performance!

This Master Origin Eyeshadow Palette can help to create a neutral makeup effect thus helping to build your beauty effortless. The pink and pearl colors are enough for my daily use and bring out my eyes. All the colors are a great blend of shimmery nude colors thus really suitable for anyone who loves simplicity and neutrality.

And the pink and red above are very natural and can also be used as blush, which is very suitable for minimalism. If you don’t want to invest too much in makeup in the first place, you can also choose this eyeshadow palette.

In a word, buy cosmetics according to your skin type and budget. Within the budget, it is a wise choice to buy the best cosmetics. Which cosmetics need to spend the most money on?

For cosmetics such as foundation, primer, and loose powder that need to be applied to the whole face, buy the best ones within your financial limits, especially foundation! Because the foundation of a makeup look is the base makeup, the quality of the base makeup product can affect the delicacy and docility of the entire makeup face.