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What is bake powder makeup was one of the most common questions in 2022 being searched online. We understand why it is on the charts nowadays and why people are curious about baked makeup and other related stuff to this specific cosmetic. This article is for you with all the answers you are looking for.

The first time most of us hear about “baking the makeup”, it usually messes up with our cosmetic imaginations as the word bake gives a deceiving impression. If you are also thinking the same, you are told that this powder has nothing to do with the kitchen or baking.

Bake is a fancy word for Intact.
Just like the baking ingredients, once in the oven are turned into a more solid and set composition than raw liquids, which we pore into a bowl before kitchen baking. This concept is precisely what baking powder is made on. Most people (especially those with oily skin) face problems of their makeup disappearing in patches and other issues like creasing. Bake powder essentially “bakes the makeup” in its place and provides its adhesion and strengthening so that it won’t fall off or crease.

Baking your makeup is like applying foundation over and over to get that even and super smooth skin tone/texture without being cakey. It gives you a look with pros like no transfer, no creasing, waterproof, and sweatproof. After spending hours for that right makeup look, it fixes all the problems we face and then gets ruined.

What is Bake Powder Makeup and how to use it?
For baking your makeup, one will need a translucent setting powder in a loose texture, which should be finely milled to get the best result. There are other alternatives as well, but they will give you a cakey and thick layer on top, which nobody wants. Translucent setting powders are known for their blending and filter look, which is excellent here.

That perfect look we see on the faces of celebrities on red carpets and in magazines is all thanks to baking their makeup and pro beauticians. Of course, hiring a pro makeup artist is optional to get that subtle and intact look, but we can learn the best way to get baking of whatever makeup look we are rocking with.

The Baking Tutorial
To bake your makeup, this is the standard and is followed by experts.

1. Start with Eyes: apply your favourite eye creams, which have tons of hydrating and nourishment boosts. This will ensure that no fine lines or wrinkles pop up when we come to the baking step.

2. Concealer: Use a liquid concealer and swipe it gently under your eyes in a thick layer. A damp makeup sponge can blend the concealer on the entire skin area under the eyes with better results; make sure to use it. We recommend the Clear Cover 3-color Concealer to get the best results for this tutorial.

3. Translucent Powder: The base of baking is created by applying translucent powder on the concealer with a fluffy powder brush.

4. The baking: This is the main step of the entire tutorial. We recommend using a wedge-shaped sponge and applying loads of setting spray on it so that it will become all wet. Then dip this guy into the translucent powder and by using the sponge, press the product with a significant force (enough to move your skin a little bit) so that it packs with the skin.

5. You can proceed with the rest of the eye makeup and let this powder settle under the eye area for at least ten to twelve minutes. This is the time it needs for “baking” and settling in.

6. Grab a pressed powder foundation, swirl your fluffy brush, and then dust away the “baked” translucent powder from under your eyes.

What is Bake Powder Makeup? And the result will be a more baked and intact base for your makeup and eye makeup. We recommend getting the Translucent Blurring Loose Powder (Antioxidant Version) from Perfect Diary to start this tutorial. It is one of the best in the market and gives reliable results. Now that you are officially “baked”, it’s time to go out with your favorite makeup you wanted confidently, but this time, it won’t have any creasing or transferring; we promise that.