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Are you fret about looking for the right eyeshadow for red hair? There is a range of eyeshadows that people with red hair can wear. Today, we will introduce several terrific eyeshadows makeup to you.

Nude eyeshadow

For cosmetic new learners, the nude color may be the easiest to handle because it can be cleaned with ease and it is flexible to many skin tones. If you are a redhead with green eyes, this eyeshadow menu will be a regretless option. It can to the largest extent enlarge the highlight of your face. The light while delicate makeup will undoubtedly be the best option for the daily routine.

Here are some tips on wearing nude eye makeup. Before wearing the eye makeup, remember to wear the foundation and conceal imperfections with a concealer on your face. Use the concealer to cover your pouches and dark eye circles so that your eyes will look brighter and much better with makeup. The nude eyeshadow is suitable for many skin tones, so you do not have to change the skin color on purpose.

Then, you can start priming your eyelids and get them prepared so that the eyeshadow can be better blended. Apply the primer over the eyelid with a brush. Choose the light brown color that is like the sand color on beaches and apply it over the crease. Blend it with the priming base and try to make the transition natural. You can blend more at the end of your eyes.

The next step is to apply the darker brown to the crease area. Use the brush to draw circles on your eyelids so that the eyeshadow can be blended more completely and naturally. Avoid spreading the eyeshadow to the area near your eyelashes.

To make the blending cleaner and defined, use another clean and round shape eyeshadow brush to blend the eyeshadow again. Then, apply the red-brown eyeshadow to the end of the eyes area. Again, use the eye primer and gently apply it to the inner area of your eyelid with a small brush. Spread it out from inside outward softly and evenly.

The next step is to apply a chocolate brown color with an eyeliner brush to the area near your eyelashes. And gently pat the eyeshadow to the end area of your eyelid. Repeat the step to deepen the color.

Again, to make the transition natural, pick up the peach red color and apply it to the transitional line between chocolate brown and the priming color. Here, the eyeshadow makeup is done. After wearing the eyeliner and mascara, the nude eyeshadow makeup is finished. It will be a perfect eyeshadow for red hair.

Sunset eyeshadow

Another awesome eyeshadow for red hair is the orange-styled eye makeup. The combination of orange and yellow can well match your red hair. The sunset makeup looks warm and is suitable to wear in the summertime. Then, how to wear it? The first step is still to prime your eyelids.

Then, pick up the light-yellow shade eyeshadow and apply it to the inner area of your eyelid until half of your eyelid is covered by the eyeshadow. Then, choose the orange shade and apply it to the middle area of your eyelid. Pat it evenly and softly on the eyelid. Still, pay attention to the transition of different colors. Apply it over the eye sockets but leave the eyelid ends.

Pick the pink color and pat it as you apply the orange shade to your eyelid. Blend it with the orange base and enhance the color of the crease. Gradually, use it to cover the area near the end of your eyelid. Keep applying until is pink shade is defined. As we know, the color of sunset consists of yellow, pink, orange, and purple. Here we use purple eyeshadow to make the eye makeup more delicate and sunset-like.

Apply it to the outer area of your eyelid. Blend it in orange and pink colors. Finally, use eyeliner to make the makeup look smoky. Use the dark purple eyeshadow to enhance the eyeliner near the end of your eyelid. Don’t forget the lower eyelid. You can still use the dark purple shade. The whole eyeshadow makeup will be terrific.


We have introduced two kinds of wonderful eyeshadow for red hair. Don’t hesitate if you want to have a try. You may not succeed at the beginning. Wearing makeup needs practice. After several times, you will be experienced.