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Are there any makeup brushes for beginners? Many makeup beginners apply makeup either directly by hand or with the brush that comes with the product, which results in a less-than-clean and natural look for the entire makeup.

Foundations and concealers are used, but the flaws are still obvious. Eyeshadow color blocks are obvious, smudged, and rough, and have nothing to do with delicacy. A big reason for these problems is the mistake of makeup application tools and techniques. Therefore, we will introduce you to seven common makeup brushes that are suitable for newcomers. Read on to find out more!

• How many makeup brushes do newcomers need to prepare?
There are so many types of makeup brushes on the market that a complete set can be as many as a few dozen. For makeup beginners, many brushes may be bought and left unused because they really don’t know how to use them and where to use them.

• Face: loose powder and blush brushes
In fact, the main facial makeup brushes used by beginners are the loose powder brush and the blush brush. Why is there no foundation brush? Because although the foundation brush is very effective after painting, it is easy to apply unevenly, patchy and with brush marks for novices with limited skill level. Daily primer, use the beauty sponge is enough, smooth, and fast!

Most of the loose powder will come with a puff, but it is not recommended that use a puff to set their makeup. Because the puff does not take the powder evenly, the powder tends to accumulate and cause powder jamming.

We can use a loose powder brush dipped in loose powder to set the makeup, choose soft fluffy animal hair, good grip powder, and brush head should be large, easy to fast makeup, so it is a must for beginners!

In addition, the blush brush is also recommended for newcomers to buy, after all, on a good blush, the whole person’s tone will be much better. And compared to blush on the hand, blush brush staining will be more natural.

It is advisable to choose a blush brush with an oblique angle curved shape, the oblique surface caters more to the facial lines of the person, suitable for a small area of coloring, and can also be used as a finishing touch.

• Eyes: Three types of eye shadow brushes
What’s the makeup brushes for beginners on eyes? Eye makeup is the highlight of the whole look, so drawing a delicate eye makeup usually requires a lot of brushes.

For beginners, we need at least three basic eyeshadow brushes, the most basic being the color spreading brush (medium eyeshadow brush), the detail coloring brush (small eyeshadow brush), and the eyeshadow smudging brush.

1. Medium eyeshadow brush
For beginners, don’t choose a brush that is too big. A medium eyeshadow brush is enough to lay the color in your daily makeup, so you can better control the smudging range.

2. Small eyeshadow Brush
A small eyeshadow brush is also a must-have, with a flat tongue-shaped brush with dense bristles for better control of the smudging area. It is mainly used to apply color to detailed areas such as the head and tail of the eye and the lower eyelid, or to draw eyeliner with eyeshadow.

3. Eyeshadow smudge brush
It is important to have a brush with fluffy and long bristles that can blur the eyeshadow well and make the transition to the hard edge softer and more natural.

• More details: concealer brush and brow brush
If you don’t have any facial blemishes and don’t need to use eyebrow powder to draw eyebrows, the above brushes are enough to draw a simple daily makeup. If you have some small blemishes and need to draw eyebrows, you will need to prepare a concealer brush and an eyebrow brush.

The flat-headed concealer brush is super practical, suitable for covering large blemishes such as dark circles on the front and can be used to cover tear troughs and lines on the side, a must for blemished skin girls.

A flat, angled brow brush is the best choice for outlining eyebrows! It is able to stroke very narrow areas and also goes on nicely.

• To conclude the point
Makeup brushes have a big impact on makeup. Only by choosing the right tools and mastering the right method can makeup be clean and advanced.

As to makeup brushes for beginners, it is not necessary to buy a full set of brushes, but to prepare some essential brushes first, and then buy other styles according to your needs.