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I believe every makeup girl has the beloved sweet and shimmer highlighter. Highlights are an essential step in the makeup process. Highlights can brighten and make your face more layered. If the highlights are well drawn, the gloss and three-dimensional effect you want will come out, and the texture of the makeup will be instantly improved. You may wanna say this is a facelift chance.

The highlighter has creamy and powdery textures on the current market. It is recommended that girls who are just starting to get started choosing the powdery one. This Star Dust Diamond Highlight Powder has simple outer packaging, and the inside is star-shaped. The girlish cute appearance is my favorite.

The texture of this highlighter is powder type, so it won’t fly powder and the powder is really very fine. The texture is smooth and mashed. The texture is soft and can effectively hide the pores. It has some fragrance itself, but you have to smell it close. to be able to smell. Perfect Diary’s Star Dust Diamond Highlight has an oily film feel, but it is not oily on the face, just like ordinary highlighters, but it is very docile.

Reasonable use of highlights can make your facial features three-dimensional and easily brighten your complexion. It can be said that every girl should have a highlight. However, if you don’t pick a good highlight, the makeup effect will be much worse.

How to select a sweet and shimmer highlighter?

Star Dust Diamond Highlight is one of the iconic items from Perfect Diary. The texture is as clear as moonlight, the overall color is light, and the makeup is low-key and natural. 01 Light champagne is suitable for daily use. It mainly shows yellow tones and then shows pink flashes.

This sweet and shimmer highlighter belongs to warm flashes. Girls of any skin color can easily wear them on the face. Its powder is soft and glutinous, and it is very comfortable to press on the face.

At the same price, it is still very easy to use, and the price is very high. Directly on the temples, cheeks, roots, and chin can make the facial features very three-dimensional. Whether you’re working or going to the disco, you can use this highlighter.

There are 4 colors in total. It’s good on any sensitive skin and shines all day. Highlighters can make our makeup look watery and translucent, and can increase the three-dimensional feeling, which is definitely the finishing touch of our makeup.

The parts of the face that can help focus the light are more prominent, and the highlights can be more eye-catching after modifying the entire face. If you want to have a strong sense of presence, you can stack it multiple times. If it is for daily use, just dip it in the desired place with your finger. Star Dust Diamond Highlight can also be used as eye shadow sequins, the makeup is natural and transparent.

Apply highlighters to the under-eye triangle to make the tear trough disappear. Highlighting the bridge of the nose, T-zone, and chin can make the face more three-dimensional, especially for sisters with short chins, you must highlight the tip of the chin to visually elongate the chin. If your face shape is not satisfactory to you, try more highlights and shadows to create a face shape that you are satisfied with.

It is necessary to make the contrast between the light and dark of the face obvious and layered, and highlighting is a makeup method to brighten some areas. Sweep shadow powder on both sides of the nose to form shadows on both sides to create the effect of a tall nose visually.

When applying highlight powder, pay attention to avoiding the nose. In order to make eye makeup more delicate and prominent, it is customary to use white eye shadow with pearl powder to outline the lower eyeliner to make the eye line clearer and enhance performance.

In the case of daily makeup, you can decide whether to use highlights according to your personal situation. If you use light makeup, you basically don’t need to use highlights, but everyone likes it differently. After highlighting, the skin will feel a three-dimensional sense and a certain texture.