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Do you need mascara for under eye lashes? When doing makeup, eye makeup should be the most difficult part to paint, because eye makeup includes too many points, and the eye area is small, which is a test of technique.

Eye makeup requires eyeshadow, eyeliner, and eyelashes. Long and black eyelashes have a significant effect on magnifying the eyes, but usually, when we apply mascara, we often get fly legs, which can’t help annoying us.

Especially when you brush your eyelashes, if you don’t pay attention, you will get mascara all over your face. Believe that the main criteria for many people to choose mascara are that it does not smudge, it is easy to remove, and the brush head is very thin.

You may want to have a comb-shaped mascara brush that can brush the lower eyelashes. The lower eyelashes are relatively soft and a little collapsed. The comb-shaped mascara brush can make the mascara color quickly and cover better. The lower eyelashes are long and well-defined. Adds sophistication to eye makeup. So the Perfect Diary High Definition Long Lasting Multi Function Mascara can be your best choice.

When we look at it, we will find the brush head is really very thin, half as thin as other brands of double-headed brushes. In this way, it can brush from the root to the tail of our eyelashes more comprehensively.

Even if your eyelashes are particularly short and few, you can also brush out a very slender effect. And friends with better natural eyelashes can use the primer to prime the eyelashes. However, remember to rub the mascara on a paper towel before applying mascara, otherwise, the eyelashes are too wet, which may have a bad effect on the durability and overall effect of curling.

First of all, the design of the brush head is more careful, and the chance of flying legs during the application process is greatly reduced through the small and exquisite design. Just one layer of mascara can be evenly and comprehensively dispersed on each eyelash, achieving the goal of uniform rain and dew.

The color can be painted with one touch, and because of the thin film technology, it will not smudge. What’s even better is that this one is suitable for both upper and lower eyelashes, and it is both long and thick! The size and elasticity of the brush head are moderate, so you don’t have to worry about getting your eyelids. When you turn it out, you don’t need to scrape off the paste.

Secondly, the waterproof effect is also very good. According to the feedback from consumers, some people swim in the water after applying Perfect Diary mascara, basically, there is no smudged makeup phenomenon.

Finally, there is the lengthening effect of Perfect Diary Mascara, which can moderately stretch each eyelash. After application, it will not feel exaggerated. It is very natural and fresh. It is stress-free to use in daily life or at parties.

How to use mascara for under eye lashes?

As we know, the lower eyelashes are relatively soft and sparse, and it is not easy to grasp. How to use mascara for under eye lashes? When applying the primer, turn the brush head of the mascara primer upright, and carefully brush the lower eyelashes one by one from the root.

Before brushing the eyelashes, you can use the special eyelash comb for eyelashes to comb out the sticky and knotted eyelashes. At the same time, it can also clean up the dust and dirt attached to the eyelashes, and the subsequent brushing of the eyelashes will have a better effect.

When brushing the eyelashes, start from the root of the eyelashes, and pay attention to the slight left and right swings when brushing, so that the eyelashes can be evenly stained with mascara. The number of times to brush eyelashes should not be too much, usually twice is enough, and never more than three times, otherwise it will easily cause the makeup to be too heavy!

For the low brushes, we can use a special finishing comb for mascara to organize the eyelashes before the mascara primer dries to prevent the lower eyelashes from clumping. If you want to create three-dimensional eyes from the side, do not complete the curling at one time, but do it several times to get a perfect curve.