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What is eye primer? Have you ever applied it? If we want to go out and go shopping, we all put makeup on ourselves. If we want to make our makeup look great, then eye shadow is essential. A lot of people do a primer on the eye area before applying eye shadow. Eye makeup is a more important step in the whole makeup look.

There are a lot of eye primer cosmetics on the market now. Eye primer can make eye makeup more durable and prevent eye makeup from dizzying, because the skin around the eyes is relatively fragile, and there are many cosmetics such as eye shadows. Few have some chemical substances, which will damage the skin of the eye area, and the eye primer can play a role in isolation and prevent cosmetics from harming the skin.

Especially for some girls with oily skin, they should pay more attention to the eye primer, because the oily eyelids will make the makeup more blur, and the eye primer can better avoid this. The products that need to be used for eye primer are all dedicated to the eye area.

Do not use primer products used on the face on the eyelids, because the skin on the face is rougher than the eye area, so facial products It is also poorly absorbed and may damage the skin around the eyes.

Refreshing and beautiful eye makeup can add a lot to girls. Therefore, when applying eye makeup, we must pay attention to every step, so that the eye makeup can be more lasting and perfect. But most people may ignore the step of eye primer this step is more important and must be done.

What is eye primer? Eye primer, as the name suggests, must be used before eye makeup, before you apply eyelashes and eyeshadow. When doing eye primer, don’t just apply the eyelid, but pay attention to the root of the eyelashes, because eyeliner and the surrounding upper and lower eyelids need to be taken into account.

Eye primer is still an essential and indispensable step, so if you want to create perfect makeup, you must not ignore this step. Eye primer is a relatively professional makeup technique. If you are familiar with it, the shape will be very good, but if you are still a novice, you can give it a try. In the beginning, don’t imagine how good the effect can be.

What is eye primer and how to use it?

The function of eye primer is to prolong the maintenance time of eye makeup, improve the fusion degree of subsequent cosmetics, and reduce the number of subsequent cosmetics to a certain extent. It can even out skin tone, make eye makeup look cleaner, and follow up with eye shadow, which is more pigmented and less prone to makeup.

The basic process of eye makeup is as follows: first, use eye essence, then eye cream, then foundation cream, and then you can use some liquid foundation, concealer pen, concealer, etc. After completing the above, you can set the makeup powder at this time, and the amount should be less, not too much. Make sure to draw eye shadow before applying eyeliner, and then you can apply mascara. After completing these steps, one eye makeup is complete.

If you use it as a primer, it can make the eye shadow more durable, and it will not make the eye shadow accumulate. It is used before eye makeup, and the subsequent eye shadow makeup can also see that the color rendering has increased and is blurred.

The degree of dyeing will also be helped. Reducing smudges is important for many girls, because eye makeup is not painted, and if it is easy to blur, it will also bring a bad look to the overall makeup effect. The effect of the eye makeup can make the eye makeup maintained for at least eight or nine hours, right?

To maintain good eye makeup, eye primer is indispensable! If you don’t usually do eye makeup, you may not use this product for a while. But if you like to draw exaggerated eye makeup or smoky makeup, then it is necessary to buy a primer!