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Looking for the best cool toned eyeshadow palette? Eye makeup can best reflect whether your makeup is delicate enough, especially in the hot summer, how can you make your eye makeup more attractive? The following will teach you how to draw fashionable eye makeup in summer. Cool-toned eye shadow is visually appealing It can create a cool feeling.

The cool-toned eye shadows normally include blue, gray, purple, and silver. These are the more popular cool eye shadows. Warm colors are not so suitable for today’s office workers. Office workers are often in a confined space and wear professional attire every day. They must have the same exquisite makeup on their faces. Therefore, when choosing eye shadow colors, you will choose cool colors.

How to apply the best cool toned eyeshadow palette?

Just now we said there will be some popular in a cool toned eyeshadow palette. Ice gray is a cool color that belongs to winter, and it can be combined with light gray to show the perfect eye makeup effect. It can also bring you bursts of coolness in summer!

First, apply a layer of light gray eye shadow on the entire part of the upper eyelid and pupil, and then use dark gray eye shadow on the half of the eyelid near the end of the eye to draw a thin line uniformly. Then, from the corner of the eye, use light gray and dark gray eyeshadow to smudge the entire eye socket to create a refreshing smoky look.

Metal color brings a dazzling dignity to people in summer. It belongs to the low-key luxury type. Using this color of eye shadow can bring you a fierce sense of metal collision in summer. First, apply metallic eyeshadow on the two-thirds of the corners of the upper eyelid and lower eyelid, and then create a semi-circular smudge on the eye socket.

Smudge the same two-thirds of the lower eyelid to create a three-dimensional gradient effect. Then draw a black liner at the base of the upper eyelid so it doesn’t make the eyes look bloated.

If you prefer not-so-warm color, but not that cool, try our perfect dairy eyeshadow palette. Take this Explorer Eyeshadow Palette Jude Rabbit. It belongs to the two-color eye shadow with a purple hue in the gray and cold tone. Through the matte purple-brown base, it is embellished with rose copper pearls. Neutral, sharp eyes with a bit of coldness.

Haute Couture Single Eyeshadow, this neutral earth color has a cool gray tone, and the silver pearl shine stands out from the eyelids. It bling like a crushed diamond-like thus imparting a gorgeous and deluxe twinkling sheen. The pearlescent color is stacked on the eye crease. The light silty and soft tone make the eyes hazy and inspirational.

Looking for the best cool toned eyeshadow palette? Many girls see that the newly launched eyeshadow palette has a lot of colors at one time, and they can’t help but buy it, but after using it, it is only those few colors. If you choose eyeshadow according to your skin tone, and eye shape, it is easy for you can find the most suitable eye shadow color for you.

I don’t know if you will feel the same. The same eye shadow is super beautiful when painted by other girls, but it is very strange when you paint it on your own eyelid. Yes, you need to draw beautiful eye makeup according to your skin tone, cool and warm shades of eye shadow, and the right eye shape.

Cool-toned color is more difficult to grasp, which is gray and purple. Purple lotus color, gray coffee color, and blue color are recommended for you who are more skilled. Neutral eye shadows are lighter in color and easy to use. You can look for some palettes that contain beige, nude, and light brown. These are suitable for daily use and are not easy to miss.

To sum up, in order not to make mistakes when choosing eye shadows, it is not easy to make mistakes when choosing a color palette with a good balance of cool and warm. But if the overall tone is warm or cold, you must pay attention. Hope you will find your dream color palette!