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How to use brow gel is a puzzling question for many makeup beginners. So, if we want to use it like a fish out of water, we need to know more about brow gel in detail.

What is brow gel?

Brow gel is a gel-textured tool for drawing eyebrows. It quickly highlights the outline of the eyebrows, deepens the color, and enhances the fit of the eyebrows, helping to create a more defined shape.

How to use brow gel: 5 steps to use brow gel complete a chic makeup

The correct use of eyebrow gel. The most common eyebrow product used by many girls is an eyebrow pencil. Although eyebrow pencils are very convenient to use and carry, they are not very effective at holding makeup. There is an eyebrow product that can maintain the eyebrow makeup for two or three days after use, and that is the eyebrow gel.

First, choose an eyebrow gel. When choosing a good brow gel, you should try to see if it feels sticky when you use it, if it doesn’t feel sticky, it is a good brow gel. If it doesn’t feel sticky, it’s a good gel. In addition, you should check whether the gel has a long or short brush to help you draw different levels of eyebrows.

Second, repair your eyebrows. Prepare an eyebrow trimmer and beauty scissors to scrape off the excess hair around the eyebrows, and trim off any eyebrow hairs that are too long with the beauty scissors.

Third, fill in the eyebrow shape. Prepare an eyebrow gel and a small brush, dip the brush into the gel and gently fill in the shape of your eyebrows. When filling in your eyebrows, make sure that the head of your eyebrows is not too thick, while the tail and middle of your eyebrows can be thicker.

Fourth, fine-tune the shape of your eyebrows. If you are not satisfied with the shape of your eyebrows, you can use a cotton swab to gently wipe them to make some adjustments.

Fifth, tear off the gel. Wait for about five minutes, if the glue has been completely dried out, you can gently tear off the glue. Finally, comb your eyebrows with a spiral brush and apply some concealer if needed to make the area around your eyebrows look cleaner.

Brow Gel vs Brow Pencil vs Brow Powder

There are many different tools for drawing eyebrows, so what are the advantages and disadvantages of eyebrow pencil, eyebrow gel, and eyebrow powder?

Brow pencil

● It is the most common eyebrow product. The eyebrow pencil should be soft enough, smooth and should not feel like the skin is being pulled.
● Pros: Eyebrow pencils are easy to use and easy to control. They last for a long time and give a natural look if drawn well.
● Cons: The lines drawn by the eyebrow pencil can be a bit stiff and make you look too strict. When using an eyebrow pencil, we should be as quick and gentle as possible, following the direction of the eyebrow growth.

Brow powder

● A matte brow powder fills in the visible gaps between the eyebrows and helps to define them. Any eye shadow of the same color as the eyebrows can also achieve the same effect.
● Pros: Eyebrow powder has a very natural effect. It can also be used to set eyebrows after a pencil and as a base before using an eyebrow gel.
● Cons: Compared to eyebrow pencils, eyebrow powder cannot change the shape of your eyebrows. It can only thicken and refine your eyebrows with a trimmed base. If not used properly, it may be a bit thick.

Brow gel

● Pros: It can define the eyebrows and create a three-dimensional look. It also helps to lighten the eyebrows and make thick, dark eyebrows more natural; it is not easy to take off, and is especially suitable for going out for sports, or for the hot season.
● Cons: In case of insufficient skills, it is easy to misalign and not easy to modify.


We have some insight into how to use brow gel. Faced with a variety of thrush tools, it is not easy to find a product that suits you. After understanding the characteristics of each product, you can choose your favorite. In addition, constant practice is also the key to drawing good eyebrows.