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How to apply bronzer blush and highlighter is a question that many makeup beginners want to learn. Bronzer, blush and highlighter, these three amazing makeup products are the magic weapons to give your facial skin a contoured and glowing look. So, what is the difference between them? When should we go to use them?

Contouring VS bronzer: what’s the difference?
Function: To draw shadows and enhance the contours of the face with a matte, grayish brown color to achieve a three-dimensional, small face.

Product: Matte (completely without pearlescence), grayish brown (neutral and cooler shades without tones), either powder or cream.

Suitable for: all people and all skin tones. Contour itself is used to enhance the contours of the face using the principle of light and shadow (drawing shadows and thus achieving a three-dimensional effect), so it does not distinguish between skin tones. We only need to choose the shade of the finishing powder according to the color level of our skin tone. For example, a very fair person will choose a slightly lighter color.

Location: the widest part of the cheekbones, the jaw, the hairline (if you wish to trim the forehead), and both sides of the nose.

Function: A warm reddish brown with a golden sheen to draw out the look of a healthy tanned wheat skin tone.

Product: A warm reddish brown, usually with golden pearl (or without pearl), either in powder or cream.

Suitable for: Westerners and Asians with healthy skin tones, and who likes the wheatish, sun-kissed skin tones. In terms of the purpose of use, it is completely different from a finishing powder. Bronzer is not recommended if your skin tone itself is fair, or if you are not pursuing a wheatish skin at all.

Location: Both sides of cheekbones to blush position, temples and top of forehead, center of nose bridge, and chin.

How to apply bronzer blush and highlighter ?what is the order of them?
The first is bronzer. It serves to conceal and contour. Make a little kissy face in the mirror to emphasize your high points. Use a flat brush to apply bronzer in the hollows of your cheeks, just below your cheekbones, at an angle along your jawline.

Then comes the blush. It serves to give your face a healthier, lovelier look. Sweep the blush on the apple of your cheeks up to your outer eyes. Then blend, blend, blend before applying highlighter.

Finish with highlighter. It works to give your makeup a more radiant look. Draw the eye to your cheekbones by applying the highlighter above your blush. Also apply a small amount of highlighter on the top of your cheekbones, in the middle of your nose, cupid’s bow, inner corner of your eyes and above your eyebrows to give you more shine.

How to choose the most suitable bronzer, blush and highlighter for you?
After understanding how to apply bronzer blush and highlighter,the more concerning question is how to find the most suitable one?

Bronzer is used to add warmth and dimension, which is why it is often overused when people choose the wrong shade. The color that comes after a natural suntan should be the color you choose.

If you have a fair cool skin tone, a warm bronzer may look orange on your face, which can look rather odd. In this case, choose a neutral or even cool-toned bronzer to match your natural skin tone. On the other hand, if you have warm skin tones, choose a red bronzer to match the undertones of your skin tone. In short, your bronzer should be one or two shades darker than your skin tone.

With regards to blush, there are even more options to choose from, there are liquid blushes, cream and powder blushes. We can choose the blush texture that suits our skin type. As for the color of the blush, it has a lot to do with the makeup you want to create. Be careful not to apply the blush color very thickly, it will be a disaster!

The main colors of highlighter are white, champagne and pink-purple. The white color can very well improve the dullness of the skin, brighten the skin tone, and low presence, can make the whole makeup very clean and clear.

Champagne highlighter is the most common highlighter color, because its color is slightly yellow, so it is very natural to apply, like a healthy glow that comes through the skin itself.

The third is pinkish purple, which can be applied directly to the cheeks as a blush, and is very cute and youthful to apply.