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Do you how to use lipstick as eyeshadow? This is a secret of making your makeup unique. In the absence of eyeshadow when applying makeup, lipstick can be a good alternative. The texture of the lipstick is finer, and it is easy to push on the skin around eyes. You can replace the small lipstick brush with an eyeshadow brush with a bigger brush head, which makes it easier to apply and easy to use. Before applying eyeshadow with lipstick, it is also necessary to prepare the eye area with suitable foundation.

The texture of lipstick is relatively greasy, so before using lipstick as eyeshadow, you can also use loose powder on your eye skin, which can reduce the greasy feeling of the lipstick and make your makeup look more natural and clearer. Generally speaking, the lipsticks that are chosen as eyeshadow are relatively light colors, dark-colored lipsticks, such as deep purplish reds or bright reds, are not suitable for use as eyeshadow.

The textures of lipstick and eyeshadow are completely different, lipstick is more moisturizing, while the eyeshadow is powder. If the lipstick is applied with eyeshadow brush, the makeup will not fit well, and it is inconvenient to use, so you can just smudge it by your hand. Lipstick painting is the same as eyeshadow painting, the color of the corner of your eye should be lighter, and the color of the end of your eye should be darker to achieve a shadow contrast, so that your makeup will look more natural.

Using lipstick to apply eyeshadow will make the tone of the entire makeup more uniform, but don’t apply too much, which will make your eyes look puffy and unnatural, just use lipstick on the corners and ends of your eyes to tint the color.

How to use lipstick as eyeshadow?
Step1: First, use lip brush to dip your mouth line, then evenly apply it on your upper eyelid, and the end of your eyes should be raised.

Step2: Secondly, use eyeshadow to sweep a layer of shadow on the head and center of your eyes. Be careful not to choose powdery eyeshadow.

Step3: Thirdly, use a black eyeliner to draw a slightly thick upper eyeliner, the lower eyeliner is drawn with eyeshadow, and the range should not be too large.

Step4: Fourthly, choose a nude pink mouth line and overlay an orange lipstick to make your lips plump and full, thus your lips will look more three-dimensional.

Step5: Fifthly, false eyelashes are also an essential part of eye makeup, choose thick false eyelashes, so that your eyes will be more charming.

How to use lipstick complete makeup of other parts?

Eye makeup
You don’t know how to use lipstick as eyeshadow? Don’t worry, it is so easy. Firstly, apply lipstick on the bulge of your eyelid, then tap it a few times with your fingers, just like painting eyeshadow. Next add lipstick between your double eyelids, the part close to your eyelashes can be heavier, and then gradually become lighter. The effect will be very fantastic, after applying it, gently tap it with the pulp of your finger, and the eye makeup is completed.

Lip makeup
First of all, choose a lipstick color that is closer to your own lip shade, and don’t worry too much about your poor skills. As long as you moisten your lips, apply it to the center two-thirds of your lips, and apply the upper and lower lip flaps by yourself. Take a sip and let the color fade away.

In the first, lightly dab the lipstick on the elevated position of your face, then gently pat the lipstick with your fingertips and apply it lightly to add blood color and look more natural.

The above is all the tips about how to use lipstick as eyeshadow. But be careful, our eye skin is very fragile and sensitive, so it is not advisable to use lipstick instead of eyeshadow for a long time. In the case of eyeshadow, it is safer and more natural to use eyeshadow to create eye makeup.

The texture of the eyeshadow is very delicate, and will not cause damage to our eye skin, nor will it clog the pores of the eye skin due to being too greasy. So, we can put on eyeshadow with lipstick as a try but remember to protect our skin.