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How can you use the orange and black eyeshadow on Halloween? Last year, I painted a pumpkin makeup for Halloween, chose orange for eye shadow, blush, and lipstick, and painted a small pumpkin with oil paint on my cheeks. It is not difficult to try this for the first time, so I will share it with you!

First, you will need to apply foundation with normal concealer, use orange concealer to neutralize dark circles, yellow/light skin tone concealer to brighten tear troughs, apply foundation, if dark circles are not covered, then use skin tone concealer to cover thinly, and use when tear troughs come back out The light-colored concealer covers the tear trough. The makeup is a little heavy, and the foundation can be a little thicker. Then set with powder all over the face.

The orange and black eyeshadow makeup is the Key

The first layer of light eye shadow is used as a base in the eye sockets, and I have also used it now. The second layer is smudged with orange eye shadow from the heel of the upper eyelid and eyelashes at an angle of 45 and then sweeps from the outer corner of the eye against the lower eyelashes to the bottom of the eyeball.

The third layer is smudged with dark brown eyeshadow from the root of the upper eyelid and eyelashes upwards in a small area, and at the same time smudged the lower third of the eye. The eyeshadow can be a little heavier. Later, I didn’t think the orange was enough and I directly painted it with oil paint and smudged it with my fingers.

The inner eyeliner is applied along the root of the eyelashes with an eyeliner gel pen, and the outer eyeliner can be drawn a little upwards. Pick it out from a good angle of 2cm in front of the end of the eye, and draw the other side of the small triangle at the end of the eye. The triangle is filled.

I drew the outer eyeliner first with an eyeliner gel pen. If you feel that the end of the eye is not sharp enough, you can pull it out with your nails. Because the orange and black eyeshadow is a little heavy, use the liquid eyeliner pen to trace the outer eyeliner again.

For the part of the eyebrow, fill in according to your eyebrow shape. I usually use the eyebrow pencil to outline lightly, and then fill in strokes along the hair flow. Then use the brow brush to sweep the frame open, so that it has a shape and no borders.

Swipe a little white matte highlighter on the tear trough to brighten, and then cover the tear trough to make the cheeks purse, and the forehead, nose, chin, and chin are also brightened. The nose shadow starts from the eye socket and smudges along the bridge of the nose. Don’t make a straight line.

When approaching the tip of the nose, break it off a little shallower. The smudge shadow is swept across the masseter muscles, smudged from the hair around the ears down, and a little under the cheekbones.

The orange blush is applied horizontally, and the bridge of the nose is also applied, which has the effect of sunburn makeup. Sweep more on both sides, the blush color is a little heavier. Choose an orange lipstick and apply it.

You can also paint a pumpkin on your face with the help of eyeliner. The orange outlines the shape of the pumpkin and the eyes and mouth. The eyes and mouth are painted with yellow color, and the rest is painted orange, and then draw a pumpkin stem.  

“Trick or treat”, the familiar voice drifted again. That’s right, Halloween is coming. It’s better to have beautiful pumpkin makeup, which not only highlights the holiday theme but also makes you unique in the crowd.

If you don’t want to paint too scary ghost makeup, this cute pumpkin makeup is for you! If you are doing makeup for your daughter, consider this look too! It’s also easy to clean, so you don’t have to worry about it being as difficult to remove as ghost makeup.