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What is the meaning of bronzing and how to bronze face? I believe one of the purposes of makeup for beauties is to create a makeup look that is three-dimensional and suitable for their facial contours. We may not be able to change our natural contours, but we can use some external forces to help us create our ideal contours, and that is bronzing.

Bronzing powder actually uses color to cover some parts of your face and then visually give a shaded appearance to other parts, meaning that as some parts of your face darken or become shaded, other parts seem to fade, thus achieving a face-contouring effect.

So, you can use bronzing powder to create this illusion to make your face look slimmer and more contoured. In addition, dying your face bronze will also make you look like you’ve been bathed in sunlight, as if you’ve been kissed by the sun, and you’re all glowing with bronze skin like a Victoria’s Secret model, or you can say that you’re using bronzing powder to make your complexion look healthier and more like wheat skin.

So how exactly do we use it to turn our skin into a bronze color? Well, follow the steps below closely!
The first step, the choice of product is crucial. The choice of bronzing powder is generally with pearl or gold shine, so that not only to create a healthy sun tan, but also to improve the skin off the degree, look delicate and lubricated, your makeup to play a colorful role, of course, you can also choose matte texture according to personal preferences can not hurt. In addition, the choice of bronzing powder color is also divided into dark and light colors, you can choose the shade according to the effect you want to present. If you want to exaggerate the obvious effect, you can choose darker colors, and if you want to be natural and everyday, you can choose lighter colors. The choice of color will make the makeup appear reddish or orange brown warm tone, such as warm reddish brown.

The second step, the makeup tools can not be ignored to know how to bronze face. As the position of the bronzing powder on the face and the effect you want to achieve will be different depending on the brush used, the application tool is also very important. It is generally recommended to choose a round-headed brush with a wider and larger brush head, which will make the bronzing powder stain wider and more even, so that not only the speed of makeup, saving time, but also not easy to appear in the face of the powder clumped together to achieve the desired effect, so the brush head is flat, or conical brush is not recommended for bronzing powder.

The third step, the location of the bronzing on the makeup is also very important. It is generally recommended to brush bronzing powder in the temples, forehead above, cheekbones on both sides to the blush position, the bridge of the nose, chin these parts, the role in the face area to be significantly larger to achieve the effect of deepening the skin tone, so that you advocate wheat skin tone in deepening the skin tone at the same time deepen the contours, modify the face shape can also be used to achieve the effect of having a healthy tanned wheat skin tone like makeup.

Through the above, we already know the role of bronzing and how to bronze according to the above steps, thus adding color to our makeup. As a new user, it is necessary to know these products in order to make less mistakes when applying makeup and to know better how to bronze face. If you are interested, you can search for more information on our official website.