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More sassy + chic makeup brushes emerge in an endless stream with the continuous growth and progress of the beauty market. However, some peoples still know little about makeup brushes. You must learn that makeup brushes help elevate your makeup skills and bring more satisfaction to your makeup process. Let’s learn about some brushes and how to keep them clean.

Foundation brushes
Most people use sponges or beauty blenders to apply foundation makeup. However, there are a lot of sassy + chic makeup brushes for brilliant foundation application.

Paddle brush
What is it?
A paddle brush is one of the standard tools when applying foundation. It’s a flat, thick brush that resembles a paddle. It is a great makeup tool and consists of animal hair or synthetic hair, which is soft and skin-friendly.

How to use it
Step1: Take the liquid foundation onto a palette board. It is best not to take liquid foundation on your hands, because the skin will absorb moisture and oil, causing the liquid foundation on your hands to dry out and be unusable gradually.
Step2: Dab the liquid foundation with the tip of the makeup brush and remember to take a small amount each time.
Step3: Apply foundation on the face with the brush. Use the tip of the brush when applying, with light force to avoid bifurcation of the bristles and brush marks.

Peddle brushes are usually composed of animal or synthetic hair, which is very soft. Use it to apply a liquid foundation without worrying about harming the skin. At the same time, a good makeup brush has a tight head and will not absorb liquid foundation. Instead, it can distribute the liquid foundation thinly and evenly on the face.

The use of makeup brushes is very particular about techniques and skills. If you have never tried it before, it will likely leave noticeable brush marks on the skin due to improper use.

Kabuki brush
What is it?
A kabuki brush is a cosmetics brush with thick to fluffy bristles and a short handle. Although the flat is another option, the brush head is most frequently rounded. Most brushes on the market now feature synthetic bristles instead of the traditional natural materials, such as animal hair, that are used to make the bristles.

How to use it?
Before buffing your foundation into the skin with the Kabuki brush, lightly dab a little amount of foundation on the chin, forehead, and nose. Making careful to blend in effectively around the hairline, earlobes, and jaw as you move outward from the center of your face.

Fan brush
Fan brushes feature extremely thin hairs that are precisely suited to applying powder highlighter to the tip of your nose and down the hollows of your cheeks. Additionally, you may use them to dust off extra eye makeup powder smudges. Due to its distinctive design, a large fan brush can be the ideal tool for contouring your cheekbones, nose, jawline, and forehead.

Flat eyeshadow brush
An eyeshadow brush is an essential tool in the makeup process. The soft and comfortable bristles stain the eyelids well. This flat brush is great for applying some shimmer or glitter shade.

Brow brush
The brow brush is suitable for applying most types of brow products. Oblique head eyebrow brushes generally appear in the eyebrow powder box and are used together with the eyebrow powder. The primary purpose is to fill in the eyebrow color. The Spiral Brow Brush removes excess powder from your brows and clumps on your lashes

How to clean makeup brushes?
It’s nice to have some sassy + chic makeup brushes, but the most important thing is to keep them clean.
Step1: Pour the prepared professional lotion or shampoo into the container.
Step2: Soak the bristles with water, and then dip the bristles with an appropriate amount of lotion or shampoo. If the metal and handle parts are splashed with water, be sure to wipe them dry.
Step3: A small brush should be moved in a circular motion inside the vessel to clean the bristles. The large brush should be rubbed by hand to ensure that each hair gets into the lotion or shampoo, which will clean it more thoroughly.
Step4: Rinse with water, then use a paper towel to wipe off excess moisture from the brush. Finally, put the brush upside down in a ventilated place to dry.