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Do you have your best lash line eyeliner? Why do you love it so much? What is the soul of eye makeup? In addition to eyelashes, I think one of the most important items is eyeliner! A good eyeliner will add soul to the makeup!

Both eyeliner and eyeliner are highly recommended to buy, and each has a different division of labor. If you want a sister with very delicate eyeliner, I recommend using gel eyeliner to draw inner eyeliner. It is easy to color and apply, not rigid, and not easy to smudge. It is also recommended for lower eyeliner.

When drawing the upward eyeliner, you can use the eyeliner to outline the end of the eye. The eyeliner can easily draw a very thin eyeliner, which will be very delicate. The pointed eyeliner can also be used to draw the lower eyelashes and the moles on the face.

If you are painting thicker and more formal makeup, you can use black to make the eyes look bigger and more energetic. It is recommended to use brown for daily dating makeup, which will look softer and less obtrusive than black. Brown will be more harmonious when paired with some brown and pink eye shadows.

Looking for the best lash line eyeliner?

Some people just can’t find the right makeup products for them, and I’m so glad that the perfect diary eyeliner I recently bought didn’t disappoint me at all! Some time ago, I was photographed by makeup artist Miss Amway and got this liquid eyeliner. After I went back, I immediately searched online and bought the same style! This liquid eyeliner is silky to the touch, and it can be outlined with one stroke. After shooting for a whole day, my inner double eyelids did not smudge. This lasting effect surprised me.

How can there be such a silky eyeliner gel pen with Slim Long-lasting Liquid Eyeliner, this smooth silky experience is really surprising! The eyeliner has achieved the ceiling of the cheap eyeliner gel pen! The pen shape is thin and slender, the shell design is simple and high-end, and the excellent color numbers are super daily and practical. This is the best lash line eyeliner I ever had!

Coloring is super easy, the texture is smooth like chocolate, and the fit is just right. You can draw the pattern you want with a single stroke, and you don’t need to rub and color many times, and the color rendering is maxed in one step. Its refill is very thin, only 1.5mm, the hardness of the refill is moderate, and the pen tip is smooth and smooth, which can better outline the eyeliner. The girls who can only draw inner eyeliner are also relaxed and stress-free.

Moreover, it has a waterproof formula and + quick-drying formula. After the actual test, wipe it with a paper towel and water, and it is still very firm. If you sweat too much in summer, you don’t have to worry about dizziness. It is very friendly to swollen eye blisters and single eyelid sisters. Totally fine all day.

The nib is very soft and thin, and it will automatically close and not fork! I can easily draw beautiful lower lashes with this! The water is very smooth and not stuck, waterproof, and oil-absorbing! Even if you rub back and forth hard, the color is not easy to fade, and the durability is also.

Like I usually have brown hair, and I often use brown eyeliner, of course, I prefer brown. On weekdays, I like to use 02 brown Slim Long-lasting Liquid Eyeliner, the lines drawn are very soft and gentle, and any eye makeup can be matched without error.

I find that more and more beauties now use eyeliner to point moles after makeup is done to add a sense of atmosphere, and can also modify their facial features. For example, I also like to draw a mole on the corner of the eye to add femininity.

Exquisite eye makeup is indispensable for eyeliner and eye shadow. If your eyes are as sensitive as mine, and you are prone to sweating and tears, be sure to do a good job of setting makeup after makeup! Before makeup, you should also do a good job of eye primer, so that eye makeup is not easy to spend. Otherwise, no matter how beautiful the eye makeup is, it will become very mottled in the morning, and it will be ugly.