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Contour and highlight palette are indispensable if you want to make yourself look like super model! Contour and highlight both are cosmetic products that used to modify the face contour, the difference between them is that one color is darker and the other is lighter. Contour and highlight are generally applied after eye and lip makeup has been done, first with contour, and then with highlight. Contour and highlights are both necessary if you want to make your face more prominent and three-dimensional.

How to use Contour and Highlight Palette?
Contour is usually applied to hairline, the corners of eyes, the sides of nose, cheekbones and lower jaw, and its color usually include brown or dark coffee, which can deepen face lines and achieve a profound effect. If applied to the hairline, in addition to adding volume to your hair, contour can also modify the shape of your face. If applied to the corners of your eyes, contour can increase the depth of your eyes and highlight the three-dimensional sense of your nose.

Highlight is generally painted on forehead, the center of brow, the tip of brow, the eye head, the bridge of nose and chin. Highlight mainly has white or warm white with pearlescent light, which can highlight facial features and make you look more energetic. If used in forehead and between eyebrows, highlight can let your forehead become fuller. When used on brow, highlight can accentuate your eye makeup, while used on eye head, it can make your eyes look brighter and livelier.

How to Choose Highlight
1. Choose according to the use of position. White highlight can be used on eye head, which can enhance brightening effect, champagne-color highlight can brighten cheekbone, nose and brow bone, and let your whole face look more three-dimensional.

2. Choose according to your skin color. Fair skin is more suitable for white highlight, champagne-color highlight is a color that more suitable for daily use, pink highlights match better with cold white skin. For warm-color skin, it is a better choice to use warm yellow highlights or gold and apply purple highlights locally. You can also overlay the highlights of multiple colors, just like lipstick, maybe you can get unexpected results.

3. Choose according to highlight texture, highlights with different texture are suitable for different location. Generally speaking, more delicate highlights will be used in the face to increase facial fullness, and can be used in a large area, while the highlight of large glitter is suitable for small area ornament, but if used in large area, it will look too exaggerated.

4. Choose according to makeup effect you want. Generally, girls with larger pores should choose more delicate highlights, which will cover pores, so that highlights and base makeup are perfectly integrated together, and it will look more natural. If you like exaggerated effect, you can choose a big sequin highlight on your face, it will have a special shiny feeling, and you will be a super shiny girl when taking shots.

How to Choose Suitable Contour?
When modifying our face contour, you should choose a color that is two shades darker than your skin tone. If the contour you use is too close to your own skin color, the effect will not be obvious, on the contrary, the use of too dark contour color will be too obvious and shall look dirty. If complete makeup with only one contour color is different for you, you can choose contour and highlight palette, there are a variety of colors for you to choose.

Most of the contour have two colors, one is red or yellow, another is gray. The former is a bronzer, designed to create a healthy tan skin as if you have just finish sunbathing. The latter is contour, that is, outline the facial edges and corners. Contour itself is a gray-toned color, so matte brown with a gray-tinged color is the best contouring color and is the most natural color to use as a nose shadow.

The side of a person’s face, which is usually shielded from light, looks darker than the front, which has more influence on the contour. But with gray tone brown alone and its skin color inconsistent, deepen the profile will look abrupt, so you should choose the color according to your skin tone. All in all, buy a grayish brown tone for white skin and a yellow or brown tone for dark skin to deepen the side tone and create a softer cheek tone.