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You may be curious about how to use banana powder when you first heard it. It is one of her favorite makeup items that is used by Kim Kardashian. Normally, the purposes of using setting powder are almost the same: either brighten our face complexion or keep our makeup in place or both. The banana powder can helps you with its great magic.

Imagine, do you sweat much so your makeup blurry quickly? Do your wrinkles or fine lines looks obvious after makeup? Or your face looks oily after a day of activity? This situation happens every day when we are wearing makeup, the banana powder is formulated to pair with other cosmetics so can fix these issues as much as possible.

The banana powder used under foundation and concealer has a yellowish tint, so it can be used to brighten up our face, or where we want to highlight. It’s one of those setting powders that many people of all skin tones use. It flatters the skin tone and works perfectly for olive or yellow skin tones.

The yellowish powder itself can naturally brighten the yellowish skin tone because yellow has a neutralizing and brightening effect on cyan dark circles, and the powder is fine and smooth It fills the tear trough very well.

Usually, we don’t put banana powder on our entire face. Because some people may find that doing this makes their complexion too yellow. But nowadays market formulated different color tones of banana powders that can be used by different skin tones.

It can basically be invisible on warm yellow skin, and there is no pressure to use on the whole face, and this lemon-yellow banana powder is more suitable for cold white skin, and because there is no shiny feeling at all, it is used for local brightening. The effect is very natural, and the earth-colored banana loose powder is more suitable for people with dark and yellow skin to use to brighten the complexion of the whole face because of its darker color.

As one of the loose powders, the banana powder is lighter than pressed powder and excels at accentuating baking and styling areas. If you want to create a matte look, you’ll love banana powder.

How to use banana powder in daily makeup

How to use banana powder when setting? From the above points, you may find out there are different ways of using banana powder. Here we would also provide some tips for your information. You can choose your ideal way when you are applying different types of makeup.

You can dab it with a brush and use it as a pressed powder, then swirl it on your face to hold the makeup in place – this is only recommended if the banana powder is a lighter shade of yellow than too dark a shade of yellow, or otherwise, your makeup may be too dark and skin tones may appear too heavy.

Also, you can bake your makeup by using banana powder. You may hear the benefits of baking and are willing to give it a try. This method is not that hard to control. And works perfectly well for oil-skin people, or who need to wear makeup when doing sports.

For baking, you need a fluffy brush. First, you can apply as much power as possible with the brush to your makeup. Then you can leave it on your face for sometimes, like 5 minutes, then swap the extra powder away before you do the next makeup. Continue to put other cosmetics like eyeshadow, eyeliner, etc afterward.

This baking method enables the banana powder to absorb the extra oil from your existing makeup cosmetics and your skin, thus your makeup will be mate and long-lasting, and your face will be clean. The baking method is highly recommended to use in summer!

The easiest way to use banana powder is to apply a small amount with concealer. You can use the blending brush to press it into the concealer. That way, when you apply concealer, the banana powder will automatically do its job and make your complexion even better. After this, set the setting spray. If you’re running late, choose this way!

How to use banana powder if you want to brig ultimate brightened some parts of your face? This is the simplest way to use banana powder! If you want to do a highlight dusting, you just need to swirl some powder on your cheeks, forehead, under the eyes or where ever. Bright lighten emphasize these areas with the light banana powder and you will find these parts become more stereoscopic.

From the above ways given, you may say the banana powder is color-correct powder. It helps to correct your completion and create the most flawless skin tone. It helps a lot to hide wrinkles and fine lines. That’s why it is so popular and widely used!