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What does lip plumping gloss do? Believe that many women are familiar with the use of make-up, but each piece of make-up needs to cooperate with each other to depict a very beautiful arc. Many of you care about how to use lip gloss, and how to draw lip gloss to draw the most natural and beautiful lips.

Generally speaking, lipsticks and lip glosses are not used seasonally, that is, lipsticks and lip glosses can be used all year round. But we can distinguish which season they are more suitable for from the difference between lipstick and lip gloss. If you like matte color, maybe the lipstick is more favorable.

What does lip plumping gloss do in different season?The lip balm is sticky in texture and feels greasy when applied to the mouth, which is more suitable for application in autumn and winter when the weather is dry. The texture of lip gloss is dry and hard, so you can choose light and thin models when using lip gloss in spring and summer, and apply lipstick on the lips first for a primer in autumn and winter.

Lip glosses are generally brighter than the lipstick. The main function of lip balm is to moisturize the lips and isolate the irritation of the lip skin from the outside world; while the function of lip gloss is to brighten the color of the lips and color the lips, which is similar to the function of lipstick to some extent.

The texture of the lipstick is relatively thick, and it is not easy to smudge when applied to the lips; while lip gloss has poor durability on makeup due to its strong fluidity, and needs to be touched up every 1-2 hours. A good lipstick and lip gloss can make the lip makeup sexy and attractive and can minimize the irritation and damage to the lip skin.

If you want to apply lip gloss, you can use it together with lipstick. After applying lipstick, apply a layer of lip gloss to highlight the three-dimensional effect of the lips. Use a lip liner to outline the lips and apply lipstick. Then apply enough lip gloss to the middle of the lips. Work from the middle of the lips outwards, applying a thin layer to the edges of the lips.

When applying the lip gloss directly, drawing the lip line can prevent the lip gloss from overflowing, or it is not necessary to draw the lip line, which looks natural and clear. Remember to apply lip gloss from the middle to the outside, and the edges should be thinner.

If you want a stunning lip gloss, the second method is to use foundation. First, choose a foundation that suits your skin tone and put it on your lips, so that the color of the lip gloss will be more prominent. If some people have dark lips, you can choose to Use concealer or foundation as a base for a clearer and more contoured look.

Some lip gloss is squeezed to use, you can use a lip brush to apply. First, squeeze out a proper amount of lip gloss, and then use the lip brush to evenly apply it on our lips, if there is any excess, wipe it off with a cotton pad. Wait about five minutes, and then peel off the dry lip gloss on the surface, so that it can last longer.

What does lip plumping gloss do? I’m sure you now have the answer. Lip gloss is a common makeup product that modifies the color of lips. There are many types of lip gloss on the market. You can choose whatever colors you like, and use lipstick and lip liner to modify your lip shape. Before applying lip gloss, you can apply some lipstick first. Keep your lips moist so that lip gloss will look natural.

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