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What does lavender concealer do is one of the most common online searches for concealers. If you are always looking around to learn all the goodness lavender concealers offer you, then you are at the right spot. 

One of the worst feelings is to find ugly acne or blemishes in the mornings when one wakes up to prepare for a special presentation at the office or a party. This was a problem for many until the cosmetic world modernized to offer magical products like concealers, BBs, and CCs. All these rescue cosmetics are best used in such cases and essentially fix the problem of the stuff you can’t hide without them. Lets go deep in to the question what does lavender concealer do and find more answers.

Color Correcting Concealers 

Color Correcting Concealers or CC are the most commonly available cosmetics items to correct your face issues. They are specifically made to be used in small quantities in areas where they can hide your blemishes, acne, and other small spots you don’t want to pop out after your makeup is done. 

They come in different colors and shades as well. Why? because every color can correct some specific problem that may occur on your skin. This is because opposite color shades in a typical color wheel cancel each other. Color-correcting concealers are typically made in colors Green, Orange, White, Pink, Yellow, Purple ( a.k.a. Lavender), and pink.  

Lavender Concealer

Also called Purple concealers or lilac concealers (these are two shades) are one of the variants of concealers and are best suited for people with yellowish and darker skin tones. They can neutralize the yellow look on one’s face and add significant glow too.

What does lavender concealer do?

Just like all the colors of color-correcting concealers, the purple one also has its own set of rules according to which it works. And if used correctly, it can bring excellent results on one’s face. Lilac Concealers are known for their canceling out of yellow colors and are known for their remarkable effects, listed below:

1. People with darker skin complexion or yellowish skin tones can use this concealer to add glow and hide their skin problems.

2. It can be used to battle yellowish and orange undertones and adds glow to the skin. It can deal with a spot or an entire face for fixing undertones issues.

3. It can effectively brighten a dull and sallow skin tone and improve the skin’s glow.

4. They can correct dark spots and is also effective against hyperpigmentation. 


Note that the purple-colored concealers don’t do much in dealing with dark circles. So, red color-correcting concealers are more suitable if you are facing darker eyes. Another common issue is acne which can be handled with green color-correcting concealers. Make sure to do some homework before making a purchase to fix a specific skin issue. 

Another thing to remember is that you always buy a lavender concealer one or two tones lighter in terms of brightness. This will make sure that it blends with the skin tone itself. Thinking of investing in a great foundation that doesn’t break the bank? Try the Nourishing Essence Foundation from Perfect Dairy. 

How to Use Lavender Concealers:

It depends on the nature of the product you are using. If it is in liquid, use your finger or a clean makeup sponge to apply it to the area where it is needed. If it is in stick form, then it can be applied directly. 

The typical color-correcting process is to first apply the color corrector on the specific part of your face where the color needs to be fixed. Once done, add the foundation or concealer to cover the purple hue from CC effectively. 

The lavender color-correcting concealers can also be used after the base makeup (like BB cream) is done, giving a more dewy and natural subtle look. 

Under or Over foundation?

If you are not using a powdered foundation, then it’s always a great idea to go with the foundation and apply concealers later. Otherwise, you might take off the concealers while using your foundations. 

If you plan to use foundation in a powdered form, then you can directly use concealers on the areas that need to be fixed and follow the foundation.