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Most makeup beginners may have difficulty on how to find the right foundation. It is of great importance for novices to learn some tips that can help you select an appropriate foundation because picking the right foundation is the most basic and significant part of the makeup. Well, if you are still confused about what’s your best foundation after several attempts, this tutorial might be useful for you.

A large number of makeup beginners may have the same difficulty in how to find the right foundation. While you are trying to select a foundation, there are three major points that you should consider, that is, the tone and type of your skin, and the texture of the foundation. Now we will introduce these 3 points in detail to help you choose the right foundation.

Ascertain your skin tone
First, you must ascertain the tone of your skin before selecting a foundation. The skin tone is how your bare skin looks and behaves. Generally speaking, they can be classified as warm, cool and neutral colors. So how can we judge our skin tone? Examining the color of the blood vessels on your arms is a simple method for the public. If your blood vessels appear green, it indicates that your skin is warm-toned, and if they look purple, then you can pick a cool-toned foundation. If neither of the colors works for you, the neutral color foundation might be the best option.

Second, if you are certain of your skin tone, you can select two or three shades that you believe are best matched with your undertone. Take the foundations from Perfect Diary as examples, find the High Coverage Liquid Foundation on our website, and then you have 3 choices if your undertone is warm, that is, the shades B00 Warm Ivory, B01 Warm Beige and B02 Warm sand. You just pick one shade that best matches your skin tone among these three.

If you are still unsure of whether it is an appropriate shade for you, go to step three. You can buy foundation samples online so that it will not cost you so much money. Then with each foundation, draw a line from the bottom of your cheek to your jaw, each foundation should be applied to the same side of your face, so you can clearly notice their differences. And then blend them with a brush, and it is clear to find which is nice blended to your neck. That’s the right shade for you.

Think about your skin type
While you are selecting the foundation, the skin type is an important factor that you need to consider. If your skin is easy to become oily, then you should choose a foundation that has the function of controlling oil all day to make your face look clear and cool. In contrast, if your skin is not likely to be greasy and even a little dry without enough liquid or oil, then you should try some foundation containing water or hydration so that it will moisturize your skin.

When planning to buy a foundation online, you’d better read the details of the product carefully, which will provide useful information for you. If there is no detail of what kind of skin type it suits, the reviews of the consumers can be a reference for you. Some may say this foundation is suitable for dry skin or normal skin, and then you will have some ideas about this foundation.

Focus on the texture of foundation
The third point when you pick the foundation lies in its texture. Some like the matte texture, while others like the radiant texture. Recently, fresh and dewy makeup is popular in Korea, which will make their face look soft and smooth, glowing like a jewel. If you are interested in this kind of makeup, you can choose the cream-like foundation. In general, most people prefer matte foundation so that the makeup looks clearer and less greasy.

Above all, we have shown you 3 major points that can help you choose the right foundation. Besides the skin tones, skin types and the texture of the foundation, there are some other factors for you to refer to, like its coverage and longevity. The coverage of different foundations can be divided into 3 levels (light, medium and high). You can pick one according to your needs. Now I think you have already known how to find the right foundation, and then go to our official website to pick one for yourself!