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How long do eyeshadow palettes last? Nothing lasts forever, and your cosmetics are no exception. Eyeshadow is one of our most important cosmetics, and an indispensable tool to complete a delicate and perfect look. And, if you have some experience with makeup, then you’ll know that it’s hard to use your eyeshadow thoroughly before it expires.

How long do eyeshadow palettes last in general?

There are mainly powder eyeshadows and liquid eyeshadows, and there is a difference in the expiration date of these various types of eyeshadows. 

Powder eyeshadows are valid for up to five years before opening, but when opened, they are valid for eight to sixteen months, after all, they are easily exposed to various substances in the air after opening, which makes them susceptible to various bacteria. Using this type of eyeshadow may lead to acne or other skin problems around the eyes.

Liquid eyeshadows can generally be kept for two to three years before opening, while they are effective for about six months after opening. Liquid eyeshadows tend to evaporate and are more likely to have adverse effects on the skin when using one brush head for a long time.

If you have a cream eyeshadow, it will have a much shorter shelf life than a powder product. The reason for this is that cream product is usually made to hydrate the skin and the hydrating ingredients are a breeding ground for bacteria to flourish.

How can you tell if your eyeshadow is expired?

Sometimes, your cosmetics could probably last longer, especially powder products. In a dry and clean environment, we can extend the time they last properly. After all, few people can use up your eyeshadow in 6 months.

However, there are some symptoms that we must be concerned about when your eyeshadow has expired. When eyeshadow expires, it may show different symptoms, depending on how far it has expired.

If the eyeshadow has long expired, it may smell bad or start growing mold or other growths on its surface. If it is in an early stage of expiration, you may notice other suspicious aspects of the eyeshadow, such as a drier or greasier than normal appearance. And the eyeshadow will be less easy to use, such as becoming more difficult to apply and develop on the eyelids.

What can we do with expired eyeshadow?

The most convenient and safe option is to throw it away. This sounds pitiful. Because sometimes we spend a high price to get those beautiful eyeshadows in limited quantities. But it’s not a good idea to keep using it, as that leads to greater risk. And you certainly can’t give them to a friend, which will bring your friend danger.

If you just can’t bear to throw away your expired eyeshadows, you can try using them to customize your own unique nail polish. Mash up powdered eyeshadow or mix liquid colors and add them to clear nail polish for a unique and amazing new color. Especially with glitter pigments, let your expired eyeshadows continue to shine on your nails.

Besides, you can also apply it to the details of the decorations. For example, photo frames, painted pictures and etc. Eyeshadows are very colorful, and they can be used on other items for their final value.

Try a new eyeshadow palette!

Once you’ve gotten rid of your old eyeshadow palette, it’s time to try a new one. New colors will bring you new inspirations. The Explorer Eyeshadow Palette collection from Perfect Diary is inspired by animals in nature, bringing you a new combination and experience in eye makeup. It’s the site’s best seller and well worth trying!

How long do eyeshadow palettes last? We need to pay attention to this issue. In order to use our eyeshadow palette better and safer, we can put its expiration date in a more prominent place on the palette. It’s a potential risk that some eyeshadow palettes you can hardly find shelf life, maybe on the outer packaging that you have long thrown away.

In short, eyeshadows expire and sooner than you think, and we have to accept that. But old ones don’t get lost, new ones don’t come. Don’t feel too depressed about it!