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Are you searching for the best powder to set under eyes? Are you still confused about what is face powder? Then you’ve really come to the right place. This article will give you detailed answers.

First and foremost, let’s talk about what exactly face powder is. Well, in a nutshell, face powder is a cosmetic that you put on to set the foundation. There are two types of face powder: setting powder and finishing powder.

Setting powder vs. Finishing powder: what’s the difference?

Before jumping to the conclusion of the best powder to set under eyes? It’s important to be aware of the difference between setting powder and finishing powder. Well, as the name implies, setting powder is used to set your makeup. Finishing powder, on the other hand, is very close to the filter in real life, because it often blurs pores and softens texture.

Moreover, setting powders come in two basic forms: loose powder and compressed powder. Loose setting powder usually contains fine talcum powder, so it has a very fine-textured powder. While the pressed setting powder is actually a loose powder that is compressed and shaped. As for the finishing powder, it is usually translucent and softer, such as banana finishing powder. You can actually think of it as a setting powder with a finer and lighter texture.

What is the best powder to set under eyes?

As we have discussed before, face powder includes both setting powder and finishing powder. Both of them can be used to set under eyes and the whole face. And they all have their unique functions.

First, setting powder is used for holding your foundation in place and preventing it from rubbing off. So, you need to apply it after your base makeup or use it to touch up your makeup throughout the day. Besides, if you have oily skin, the loose setting powder can be considered your best powder to set under eyes, because it can effectively absorb excess oil and give you a matte finish. However, if you have very dry skin, we don’t recommend it for that it will make your skin look even drier.

Second, finishing powder is normally applied on top of all other makeup, which means it can be used after the base makeup, eye makeup, blush and the whole makeup finish. Because it is translucent and has a lighter texture, even if you put it over your eye makeup, it won’t ruin your makeup, but will help set it. Plus, if you do not want to wear base makeup, you can just use the finishing powder after applying primer or sunscreen, which can give you a natural look with light coverage.

Last but not the least, if you want to find the best powder to set under eyes, then you can choose a powder that is specifically for under eyes. This kind of makeup powder can set under-eye concealer, brightens the look of dark circles, and diminishes signs of visible fine lines. So, the under-eye brightening powder is perfect for people who have dark circles and bags under their eyes.

With that being said, you could be wondering how to choose an under-eye powder. Well, choosing an under-eye powder that is perfect for you is obviously a little more complicated than choosing any old setting powder. First, you need your under-eye powder to set your concealer, and a little extra highlighting. Also, a good under-eye powder needs to be color-corrected, and you need to choose the right under-eye powder for the color of your dark circles so it can help offset them. 

How to apply the under-eye powder?

First of all, let’s talk about the mistake that many makeup beginners do – don’t rub the sponge on your face, as this will ruin the base makeup. The correct way is to dip the sponge or brush into the powder and then gently pat it on your face.

If you have very oily skin, we recommend you “bake” your makeup. This means popping on an extra thick layer of powder underneath your eyes or the T-zone and letting it sit for a few minutes. Then simply dusting off what’s left visible. By doing this, you will have a flawlessly matte complexion.