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What is your love of color lipstick? Lipstick is the most beautiful magical weapon for women, and it is also a shortcut to level up your makeup. Many girls will take lipstick in their bags when they go out so that they can easily reapply it anytime, anywhere.

Lipstick seems to play the highest role in the whole makeup look, no matter how delicate makeup is, without the blessing of lipstick, it will become ordinary without any bright spots. On the contrary, if you put on lipstick, even in the state of no makeup, you can instantly look “healthier” or “in good condition”. This is not a lie.

However, if you want to achieve the best coloring and complexion effect of lipstick, it is particularly important to choose a lipstick that suits you. This is to say when choosing the color of lipstick, you should also consider your skin tone, your makeup effect, etc. Not just buy lipstick because everyone say it look good on them.

There are many colors available on the market now due to today’s advanced techniques and changing fashion trends. What’s the most hit color this summer? You may not be so sure. But we all know, what kinds of colors are the most classic ones that almost can be worn by anybody. So, what’s your love of color lipstick? Is it tomato water red color?

Tomato water red lipstick is really cute, sweet, and aura, especially suitable for the current spring and summer season. The color is really beautiful as it is plump and moisturizing. When the lipstick is thinly applied, it has a water-red feeling, which can be easily controlled whether it is daily dating or going to school, and it will not be abrupt in the state of plain makeup. And when the lipstick is thickly applied, it is red with a little orange tone, which is especially good for the complexion.

This color looks great on teenage girls or adult who wants to look refreshed and young. If you are looking for makeup that may change your daily looks a little bit, but in a good way, try this color.

Bean pink color is a kind of lipstick for daily makeup, especially for office ladies or students. A particularly good choice for those who do not have much time for delicate makeup. You only need to simply put on basic makeup, like foundation, and rub it on your bag.

Whether it is wheat-ish skin or dark skin, you can use it. The pink will soften your skin shape thus lighting up your complexion. Try this color, we also have bean pink lipstick on sale. The color is creamy in texture, easy coloring, and long-lasting. Our been pink color 2045 liquid rose lipstick can meet your daily needs.

Maybe the mature wander lust color will be your love of color lipstick! A futuristic and dewy lipstick delivers sheer and shiny color with a lustrous & sexy lips finish. You will love this stunning color, nails the office, or dating!

Our wander lust color lipstick is super hydrating and ultra-creamy. This lipstick never runs into those pesky lip lines! Most importantly, the color stays true and doesn’t change while wearing. No more chapping and dryness, just a long-lasting stunning look. What else can you expect? This item will surely amaze you.

Purple Pitaya is another queen color that we will recommend to you. Will this be your love of color lipstick? You will never know until you try. This stiletto-inspired lipstick comes in a velvet-smooth and luxe matte formula, formulated to bring out the full and sumptuous lips.

If you are also looking for a dark raspberry color like one of our customers, you should try this color. When applied very little, the purple would still be a rich raspberry on your lips. You may be exhausted that all the colors appear pink on your lips and brighter than usual, so pink may not be your piton anymore. However, this lipstick obtains a slightly pinkish shade, making it raspberry when applied.

For people of color skin, they should try matte glam color. You will get lots of compliments on this color. This lipstick stands the test of food, drink, and swimming, like our other lipsticks.