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Are you still looking for the best brush for highlighter? Using a brush to apply highlighter can bring a more even and shiny effect. A great highlighting brush has higher requirements in terms of bristles. So how do you choose one? If you want to learn more, keep scrolling!

• How to find the best brush for highlighter?

  1. Brush head

The brush head is mainly divided into two types of fire and fan shaped.

The bristles of the fire-shaped highlighting brush are softer and do not take much powder, so we can brighten the skin tone well with a light sweep. This kind of brush is suitable for novice makeup artists, it is not easy to make mistakes and has a good effect on makeup.

Fan-shaped highlighting brushes have bristles shaped like a fan and are wide and flat, and are usually used on cheekbones, brow bones and other areas with narrow cheeks. This kind of highlighting brush is suitable for the more skilled beauty master, not very suitable for beginners to operate.

  1. Brush bristles

Highlighting brush bristles are made of fiber and animal hair. Fiber is mainly artificial bionic fiber, while animal hair has wool, horsehair, etc… We should try to choose animal hair, because animal hair feels soft and smooth, the structure is tight and full, suitable for applying highlights.

  1. Brush Handle

Highlighting brush handle material is a lot, mostly wooden, choose your favorite one. We can choose the highlighting brush with our favorite color, pattern according to our preference.

• Selection tips for the best brush for highlighter

A. Brush bristles should be soft and smooth to the touch, the structure is tight and full.

B. Hold the bristles with your fingers and gently comb downward to check whether the bristles are easy to fall off.

C. Press the brush lightly on the back of your hand and draw a semi-circle shape to check whether the bristles are neatly cut.

D. Blow the bristles with hot air to distinguish the type: keep the original shape for animal hair, the hair becomes curly for artificial fiber.

• What brush can be used instead of a highlighter brush?

Highlighting brush can be replaced by a large eyeshadow brush.

Highlighting brush is a special makeup brush that is specially used to put highlighting on the forehead, eyebrow bone, nose bridge and other places that need to be highlighted, so the requirements of the brush bristles are higher.

Choosing a large eyeshadow brush to replace the highlighting brush is the best choice, because the bristles of the eyeshadow brush are also generally made of animal hair, the effect is different, but the occasional use is no problem.

• Animal hair highlighting brush cleaning points of attention

  1. Don’t use the brush detergent containing alcohol (will break hair)
  2. Don’t use shampoo containing silicon (residues will affect the power of grip powder)
  3. Don’t touch too alkaline things (will destroy the structure of animal hair)
  4. Don’t often use a conditioner to animal hairbrush care, residues will seriously affect the ability of the brush hair to grasp the powder.
  5. Human body secretion of oil for animal hair is the best maintenance products, so the more animal hairbrushes are used the better, the same brush cleaning cannot be too frequent.
  6. Every time you apply the highlighter, using a tissue, cotton pad or prepare a dry-cleaning sponge, rubbing clean back and forth on the top, gently rubbing in the direction of the bristles, and regular dry cleaning, you can use the brush with the special brush washing liquid.
  7. The frequency of washing is about once a month if you use it every day. If you use it once every two days, wash it once every two months, and so on.

Wipe off any residual highlighter powder with a towel before cleaning the highlighter brush, then prepare a container with makeup brush cleaner poured into it and immerse a quarter of the brush head in the cleaning solution.

After soaking for fifteen minutes, take the brush out and gently wipe it back and forth on a clean towel until the bristles are clean.

Now we’re sure you know more about the best brush for highlighting, a great brush can make our makeup work twice as well.