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Eye shadow palettes with yellow can give you a pair of beautiful eyes with different textures and colors, which are different shades, offering you different choices of eye makeup. You don’t need to be hesitant about mistakes, for it is suitable for every beauty. Because of its long-lasting and decorative features, you can apply it when you are traveling, working, on business, or at any other event. Thus, it will be good for you to learn more about the brown bronze eyeshadow palette and how to apply it. Let’s improve your makeup skills!

Tips on applying eye shadow palettes with yellow

Tip #1: Prepare eye makeup

Before having a yellow color, please apply eye makeup primer first, which makes your eye makeup last the whole day. In case, the foundation is swept out after eyeshadow makeup, you can start the eye makeup before the routine, combined with micellar water.

Tip #2: Have the right yellow color

Some beauties are afraid of the yellow color because they did not find the one that is suitable for them. Actually, if you look into different yellow shades, it will surprise you. For daily makeup, the light-yellow hue is recommended to you. You can make it the foundation of your eyes, which adds vitality to the whole makeup. If you are going to some special events, warm yellow and orange in high saturation are for you, they can help you get the best different colors with makeup full of features and glamour. Of course, the center of the party will be you!

Tip #3: Combine it with eyeliner and mascara

Who is the best friend for your special eyeshadow? Different mascaras! You will grab more attention with the combination of curly lashes and shimmery shades.

How to apply eyeshadow palettes with yellow?

  • Yellow shades for you

You may think yellow is not suitable for common makeup. However, there are more and more people wearing yellow on their eyes, including celebrities on the red carpet and beauty influencers on social media.

Applying some light-yellow shades on your eyelids with an eyeshadow brush is perfect for any person who wants to try it out. If you tend to more natural eyeshadow and makeup, it will be also right for you.

If you want to add shine and glamour to your makeup, you can combine it with some golden and bronze shades and pick them on the middle of your upper lids. It will recreate your new makeup. Also, you draw an abstract liner to have a different sunshine makeup if you want to wear it to a theme party or other ceremonies. Eyeliner is one of the best friends of eyeshadows.

  • Eyeshadow for single eyelid

Have you ever worried about your single eyelids, which cannot have gorgeous eyeliners? If you do, here are some tips especially for you. The yellow color can also offer you different eyeliner!

#1 Draw a short, straight line from the end of the eye with warm yellow color. You can use dental floss or a q-tip to ensure the key position of the eyeliner.

#2 after you mark it with the brush or the eyeliner, draw another from the middle of the eye and connect it with the line you just drew.

Product recommendation

For newbies who want to learn more about eye shadow palettes with yellow, I would like to recommend the following product.

The first product is The Perfect Diary [Raw Gemstone] Master Origin Eyeshadow Palette. It contains shades with fine adjustments of hue, saturation, and brightness, making eyeshadows match the color of your skin color. The eyeshadow palette is suitable for a variety of skin tones, makeup finishes, and occasions.

The second product is The Perfect Diary Star Dust Eyeshadow Palette 03 Not my day. There are 9 warm colors in this palette, most of which are matte. You can either wear it in daily life or at some special events. Therefore, it can make small eyes a special feature and provide you a violet and classical eye makeup.

After reading it, do you have any idea about eyeshadow palettes with yellow? You must have more interest in eyeshadow palettes. We hope this article can help with your make-up. If you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us on the website.