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Makeup beginners usually don’t know how to do smudge eyeliner. As a part of eye makeup, well-drawn eyeliner can enlarge the eyes and make the eyes look more energetic and attractive so it’s very important to master this makeup technique. Many girls do not know the correct way to draw eyeliner so it looks weird just like the eyes of a panda when they start to learn to apply eyeliner. So I’m going to show you an easy and quick eyeliner look and give you some of my tips for applying eyeliner.

How to do smudge eyeliner

If you’re a beginner, don’t worry. It’s a supernatural liner that is very easy to go with. For a novice, I recommend that you choose a gel liner because it will be much easier for you compared with liquid eyeliner. And before we start, the most important thing is to sharpen the pencil. A lot of people forget that step, but we are taking off germs from the pencil.

First, I’m closing one of my eyes to which I’m going to apply the eyeliner. Then I’m drawing back and forth and going all the way in the corner of my eye. You may think it a little intimidating and scary to drop inside of your eye when you first do this. But make sure that you’re actually drawing on your waterline and not on the inside of your eye. Start gently and practice with patience. It’s easy once you get it.

I really love how it like adds depth to my eye and it still looks supernatural and it just gives me a little stronger lash line. If the liner is smudged down a little bit to my lower lash line, don’t worry about it. It’s so easy to clean up. Just take a Q-tip dipped in makeup remover and then use it to go right in there. You can clean it up super easily.

Notes for beginners

1. Choose reliable eyeliner products

Eyeliner will directly touch our eyelids in the process of applying, so choosing high-quality eyeliner products can guarantee the health of our eyes. Otherwise, if you use some eyeliner without quality assurance, it may hurt your eyes. You can click https://www.perfectdiary.com/collections/eyes and there are both liquid eyeliner and gel eyeliner on offer. With waterproof, smudge-proof and flake-proof formula, the eyeliner products of Perfect Diary can magnify and light up your eyes instantly.

2. Manage to preserve eyeliner and eyeliner brush

After finishing the eyeliner, try not to expose its tip to the air, which will not only dry out the eyeliner but also breed bacteria. So the next time you use it, it has a bad impact on the skin around the eyes. In addition, if you use a brush to draw eyeliner, you should clean it every time you use it. We can buy a special cleaner to disinfect, protect and care for the eyeliner brush, and then it will keep soft and smooth and help us wear makeup better.

3. Calm down and pay attention to it

When drawing the eyeliner, you must concentrate and try to finish it in one swipe. Especially for beginners, it is easy to create terrible eyeliner due to hand shaking when drawing eyeliner. Therefore, it is recommended that you put your little finger on your cheek, or use your elbow supporting on the table to maintain balance. It is more conducive to controlling the strength and avoiding crooked eyeliner.

4. Don’t use glitter eyeliner

The glitter sequins in the eyeliner will hurt the eyeballs when it is close to and even accidentally fall into our eyes. And when wearing contact lenses, it is easy for the sequins to enter under the contact lens. The sequins will rub our eyeballs and cause damage to our eyes, so try to avoid using liquid eyeliner with sequins


After reading this tutorial, have you mastered how to do smudge eyeliner? For beginners, gel eyeliner is always the first choice. The liquid eyeliner is more suitable for applying smoky eye makeup. And there are many methods to smudge eyeliner according to different eyelids and the makeup that you want to create. You can find more information about eyeliner on our website.