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Heard of cherry bomb lip tint, have you tried it? Cherry red lipstick is a color close to cherries. It is divided into reddish cherry red, purple cherry red, and even pinkish cherry red. It is related to the change of color of cherries at different stages. Cherry red color is more beautiful, reddish behind the upper lip will be bright, purple is very low-key but white, it is suitable for many people.

What color is cherry red? I believe many people can guess a few points based on their imagination because the name cherry red is mainly because it is closer to the color of cherries. However, strictly speaking, cherry red and medium red are not much different, but they are more lively than real red, and the color is pinker.  

Some lipstick shades that are too light are not so friendly to yellow or dark skin, and even have the suspicion of being dark and lacking in spirit, but the shades that are too strong are slightly heavy, which is not suitable for the atmosphere of early spring. However, there is one shade that combines whiteness and lightness, and that is the cherry. It’s not as saturated as a positive red, nor is it too aggressive. That’s right, it’s a must-have now for every girl!

Check this cherry bomb lip tint from Perfect Diary:
Perfect Diary Floating Light Lip Gloss This Color: 103 Because Of You is like an overripe cherry, but it is cloudier than the regular cherry red, the overall red tone will not be very high, less gorgeous, and gentler. Coupled with the clear glass texture, you already know how amazing the makeup should be before you put it on your lips.

The color is rich and full, the upper lip is very lively and temperamental, full of vitality and girlishness. After applying it, the lips are surrounded by tenderness, not oily at all. If you apply it thickly, it will be a cherry color. If you apply it to the mouth, it will be a fairy color. The moisturizing degree is also super good.

Created in one hand for vibrant shades with shimmer, the custom brush head is specially designed to create full lips with a fiery sparkle that shimmers like a crystal when applied smoothly. Even in the face of the stress of life, the lips still do not appear dull and remain shiny, so high-spirited.

Weightless Longwear Lip Stain is a perfect lipstick to use. There is a French elegance in the tones, with some red or brown tones in the color, and each one is very popular. The upper lip is very moisturizing and very textured.

This 202 Whatever cherry color is amazing. The texture of this lipstick has been adjusted many times, and the stability is relatively strong. The moisturizing lipstick maintains a fresh and clean touch while maintaining the moisturizing degree. The matte lipstick will not pull out when it reflects the advanced matte makeup. Smooth and delicate silk satin texture added high moisturizing ingredients to your looks.

The brown tone makes it look a lot more temperamental, but it will not be old-fashioned, but very aura, just like cherries soaked in red wine, the upper lip feels slightly drunk and sexy. Such a unique and a hit color for the coming winter!

People with fair skin and yellow skin are suitable for cherry red lipstick. People with darker skin are not suitable for cherry red lipstick, it will appear dull and may appear dark.

Although people with yellow skin are suitable for cherry red lip gloss, when choosing a color, be sure to choose a slightly darker cherry red lip gloss, so as to achieve a contrast effect and make your face look whiter. Moreover, the dark cherry red lip gloss is more mature and stable, which can make you look more mature and feminine with yellow skin and bring you a different aesthetic experience.

Cherry bomb lip tint is actually divided into types. As we all know, cherries experience different colors from growth to maturity. They are reddish at the beginning, but purple in the later stage. The reddish cherry red enhances the whole person’s complexion, while the purple cherry red lipstick gives people a cool and glamorous atmosphere. You can also choose the lipstick color that suits you according to your skin tone and dressing style!