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How to do smoky eye makeup? When it comes to smoky makeup, most people will find it sexy and attractive. Many people want to learn to paint smoky makeup but always fail to do so. Smoky makeup is a makeup look that every beauty-loving girl wants to paint but dares not try.

If you don’t master the skills a little, it will easily cause the opposite effect. So how to paint smoky makeup? What steps are generally required to paint smoky makeup? Next, I will share with you the correct application of smoky makeup.

How to do smoky eye effortlessly?
If you like it, no matter what the occasion is, you can match it with smoky makeup. But there are still many people who think that smoky makeup is not an easy makeup look. If you don’t have a good grasp of the skills of painting smoky makeup, you can easily make yourself ugly. So what should you do if you want to wear smoky makeup? There are some steps in painting smoky makeup.

The first step is to prime the eyes thus the makeup can last longer. We want to use the eyeshadow that is closest to the skin tone to the eyeshadow. Light gold can make your eyes look particularly bright. But if you don’t like this color, you can also choose to use brown eyeshadow, and apply this color eye shadow to the eyeliner and double eyelid area to make the eyeliner look more natural.

After applying the bottom of the eye makeup, use your fingers to gently smudge the eye shadow from the double eyelid until it reaches the eye socket.

The second step is to choose the correct color to apply to the lower eyelid. When drawing eye shadow on the lower eyelid, we can choose a brown eyeshadow as a primer, because using this color as a primer can make the eyeliner to be drawn more three-dimensional.

The third step is to draw the outer liner for the eyes. When using black eyeliner to draw the outer eyeliner, we can make it subtly blend with the gold eyeshadow we painted earlier. The usual black is different from the black used in smoky makeup. We need to draw the black eyeliner a little wider so that the smoky eye makeup can be better presented.

The fourth step is to deepen the eye shadow on the eyelid. When drawing the eyelid, we need to draw a black eyeshadow according to the tail area of the eyelashes and apply a black eyeshadow with bright powder in the crevice of the lower eyelashes, and gently spread it in the area of the lower eyelid, which will give people a feeling of passion and vitality.

The fifth step is to make the connection at the end of the eye. When applying eye shadow, fill at the end of the eye. Here we can use a darker eyebrow pencil on the upper and lower eyelids, extending outward along the corner of the eye.

The finial and the sixth step is to draw the inner eyeliner. This step is very important. We have to choose to use a black eyeliner to draw the inner eyeliner, which can make the eyes look deeper and more aura.

How to do smoky eye with different eyeshadow? Many people think that the eye shadow of smoky makeup must be black, but in fact, you can add another color, such as adding some beige eye shadow with a flash of gold, and then some darker eye shadow That’s enough, it doesn’t have to be black, you can match it according to your preferences, so you will have a different style.

Generally speaking, for daily makeup, you only need to apply eye shadow, and then smudge it a little at the corner of the eye. However, smoky makeup requires highlighting the makeup of the entire eye, so whether it is eye shadow on the top or eye shadow on the lower eyelid is also very important.

Smoky makeup is mostly injected by rock and punk lovers like Avril, Adam Lambert into their new label, but in fact, it is not exclusive to idols. Try it and you will love it!