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To know if a foundation brush or sponge is better, you have to know all the characteristics of each of these makeup tools, for this we will review what is a brush, and what is a sponge, what advantages they have, and what uses are given to each one.

What is a foundation brush?

The first step in determining which is more beneficial, the foundation brush or sponge, is to know what a brush is.

A foundation brush is one of the most used tools by women all over the world when they are about to apply makeup. It is an implement formed by a set of bristles, made of a delicate and fine hypoallergenic material, so as not to cause reactions on the face of women.

These bristles are assembled to a metal piece known as ferrule, which in turn is attached to a handle, which in many cases is made of a finely treated quality wood, and with very striking finishes, they are also made of resins, paste, and other synthetic materials.

The main function of the foundation brush handle, is to provide a perfect grip to provide comfort and ease in the makeup, there are different sizes, the long ones provide much ease of handling, but the short ones are very easy to carry in any type of bag.

Function of a foundation brush

Women by nature are flirtatious, and from a very young age they are taught the techniques to always look beautiful and attractive, among these techniques they learn that they need tools such as foundation brushes to apply a variety of products on the skin of the face to look radiant, such as foundations, blushes, concealers, or eye shadows.

Types of foundation brush

There is a wide range of brushes, depending on the type of makeup you want to apply, among which we can mention the following:

● Natural bristles
● Synthetic bristles
● Flat cut
● Round cut
● Bevel cut
● Stipple finish
● Fan brush
● Skunk brush
● Kabuki
● Cat tongue

What is a foundation sponge

To continue determining which is more beneficial, the foundation brush or sponge, let’s see what a foundation sponge is.

This sponge is a very useful tool for different types of makeup, there are of various types, sizes and materials, they are usually porous and have absorption and softness characteristics.

Function of the foundation sponge

The main function of these feminine tools is the application of various types of makeup, such as creams, pre-bases, shadows, glitters, and acrylics, and they are used to modulate the coverage of different types of makeup.

Types of foundation sponge

There are a variety of sponges, all very useful, and with specific purposes:

● Velvet or microfiber
● Silicone
● Egg type
● Ergonomic
● Beveled
● Classic
● With handle

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Advantages of foundation brushes

Knowing what each tool is, let’s look at the advantages of each to decide if a foundation brush or sponge is better.

● Absorbs less amount of product than a sponge
● Provides more coverage
● Thicker, more spreadable makeup layer
● Perfect finish
● Longer durability and less maintenance.

Advantages of foundation sponge

● Better integration of the material with the skin
● With the possibility of blending, natural finishes are achieved.
● Moisturizes the skin
● More integrated makeup
● More practical and hygienic

Use the foundation brush or sponge?

Each of these tools has its pros and cons, the result you want in the makeup you decide to do, will be the expectation of which one to use, if the brush or the sponge.

A combination of the two will provide an excellent makeup finish, and it will depend largely on the type of makeup to be applied, the texture and consistency of it, so you will realize that if it is powder, the application will be more viable with the brush, while the creamy makeup will have better results with sponges.

It is more important to learn which one to use in the makeup technique you use, and having both will open a range of possibilities to achieve an amazing final work, knowing how to exploit the functionality of each type of brush, and each type of sponge, will be vital for you to shine with the makeup.

Working with both you will get the best coverage with the brush, and a perfect integration with the sponge, and remember it is better to use the sponge at the end, for the desired finish.